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This is true. In our days we just have IVF, IUI, ICSI and surrogacy. Yet in the olden days people dealt with injections. It was better that way. I can see where the difference comes in. You should also know the prices of IVF. It is expensive. In general ART’s is very expensive. But we should also remember that in the olden days infertility was rare. These days we have many people suffering from infertility. And the population is yet to increase in the coming days. This is because of the lifestyle we live. Also note what we eat. Technology is also making big lapses over the days. So it is better that we guarantee technology involvement. It ahs played a big part to how far we are today. Generally in our treatment sector. The medicine field and other fields too. I do not see it as bad. For it is only the solution that can help us. It is like e have no there means. The traditional ways are no longer being used. So people are focusing more on technological advancement.