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Yours is a tough question. Since I am not an embryologist and have not been through a similar problem. I think I can help answer you according to what I know people who have been through a similar situation. I do know that doctors prefer quality over quantity. For a quality embryo even if it is one. You will be assured of the results. Although those who go for an IVF. The doctor will be the best quality. Lets say like 3 embryos will be used for the implantation. Here, the best embryo will turn to a fetus. Then the others will come our as a miscarriage. But can say that you can differs a bit to the explanation that I am giving. But I hope it will be of importance. If your eggs seem to be more complicated then perhaps you can move to donor eggs,. Chose wisely if at all you will go for this option. Because you have been through eggs problems for long. Whatever the problem lies. In hope that you find a solution.