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    Lian Rost

    We have started an extracorporeal procedure with my man who is 40 years old and we tried 2 years ago with the classic method without success although he had never encountered any gynecological problem or received any treatment. The last time they took 10 eggs following the long protocol, fertilized 5, out of 5 out of 2 came out of excellent quality while the other 2 more of B quality. The two best ones were placed and we tried biochemically perform pregnancy while the other two were frozen. After the unsuccessful attempt and after 4 months we tried defrosting and embryo transfer to the natural cycle and again did not have a result.For a month, we started again with the same doctor after the doctor took the last time and set up a short protocol to get as many ova as possible.On Monday we did an ultrasound, had 11 well-sized ovaries and endometrium that had “stung” (about 7 mm). On the fourth in the second ultrasound, the 11 follicles from 11 mm to 15.3 mm and the endometrium good as he said while today we went back to the third ultrasound the follicles told us are ready for oocyte, gave us instructions to reduce puregon and we do the pregnyl Sunday night so that on the morning we get the egg collection.My question is, then, if what is decided on what the embryologist will do is based on the egg count and the number of embryos or whether a consistent tactic is applied regardless of the number/quality of embryo-embryos. Every comment will be appreciated. Thanks.


    Yours is a tough question. Since I am not an embryologist and have not been through a similar problem. I think I can help answer you according to what I know people who have been through a similar situation. I do know that doctors prefer quality over quantity. For a quality embryo even if it is one. You will be assured of the results. Although those who go for an IVF. The doctor will be the best quality. Lets say like 3 embryos will be used for the implantation. Here, the best embryo will turn to a fetus. Then the others will come our as a miscarriage. But can say that you can differs a bit to the explanation that I am giving. But I hope it will be of importance. If your eggs seem to be more complicated then perhaps you can move to donor eggs,. Chose wisely if at all you will go for this option. Because you have been through eggs problems for long. Whatever the problem lies. In hope that you find a solution.


    Quality beats quantity anytime of the day. Why am I saying this? Because you might have been retrieved only one egg but it comes out successful. Rather than having 10 eggs retrieved and from all of them none will be helpful. You should consult your embryologist to give you more information. Cause concerning the quality and quantity it might be more related to sperms than eggs. Where the sperm quantity counts. Also this can be beaten by the fact of more quality sperms than quantity. I am not really conversant with this topic. So it is better if you ask a professional about it. But I do believe that there is a good clinic out there that can help you. With such information and experience that you have gone through. If you have more information that you think might be helpful kindly reach us back.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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