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Hello Lina love
I am sorry for the failed attempts. You are justified to be mad and angry. We all hope trial to have a child to work instantly. We usually get mad when it does not. I can guess how mad you are at your doctor for giving you no explanation. However, it is not all the times that the doctor might have an explanation. One of the reason that may lead to failure is poor embryo quality. Some embryo might not be healthy even though they look so through the microscope. They might have some unidentified health condition leading to their death instead of growth. I pray that this is not the case for you. Ask the doctor to check if the embryos have any chromosomal abnormalities which might be leading to failure. And i hope that you are of good health. I mean eating well, and having a healthy body weight. Not too low or too high. All in all, it is good to change the doctor if you have lost faith in the current one. All the best Lina love as you continue trying.