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    Lucy jones

    hi dear. how are you? I’m so glad you said it. you are so right. this is an amazing platform. people can speak about their issues. good or bad. I love it. such supporting girls. love you all.


    Personally, I feel really good. It’s a great place to seek help. Everyone is so helpful out here. Everything is going to be fine. Just always take good care of ourselves. I am sure that if anyone required any type of help. It’s available here. Everyone here is very helpful. It just feels so good to be here.

    Alice Blake

    Hello there. I feel the same. I am really happy to be here. There are so many good people out here. I feel very good in between this atmosphere. This is just great. I hope everything is alright with us here. This is really a great forum. Take care. Much love.


    Hi all. Hope you’re fine and hava a good health. I’m 24 years old. I’m married before one year ago. I want to share my experience with you. This is so bad experience for me in my life. When, i’m suffering from infertility and doctors told me to get a treatment from clinic. Then, me and my husband search daily new clinics. But we can’t find a good clinic. Then, my friends told me that there is A*****s Clinic. I’m feeling very happy. We visit next day this clinic. When, we visited this clinic, this clinic is so dirty and there is no chance of clean the dirtiness. Doctors and the staff of this clinic is so unfriendly and they didn’t know how to talk with the patient. No one can here my problem.


    You are so much welcomed dear. This is the best place to be. Since I joined this forum I have gotten the much needed help that I want. I even help others whenever necessary. So please do not feel left out. If you have anything to share we are here for you. We can try as much as possible to give our help. I can say in my case this forum has been so helpfully. I never anticipated to be getting such much help. But then, I am glad. I hope you will be comfortable joining us. Or if I should say being part of this community. It is such a wonderful place to be. I have never heard anyone complain about it. People here are genuine and very considerate too. Every one feels like they have been through your journey. So do not mind about being judge. Cause no one does that here. So feel welcomed and at home.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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