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    Hello everyone. How are you all? I am really glad to join this forum. It contains a lot of useful information. Not only that many people have shared many experiences on this forum. Whether it’s good or bad it gives us a lesson. So I am very thankful to this forum for giving us such a wonderful platform.


    Hey, welcome to the forum. I myself find this forum very helpful. There is a lot of information on it. I love reading the information that is provided regarding the surrogacy program. This is the only forum where you find such information. I was through this forum able to know about the clinic I am visiting. The experience is so good with them. So the forum is really helpful.


    Hi Ronni, welcome to the forum. I am an old member of this forum. This forum also helps me in my difficult time. But beware of fake comments. I read about Adonis clinic on this forum and when i tried to contact them for treatment i was surprised. The clinic was not like that as they mentioned in comments. They didn’t bother to tell us complete details. I wasted my precious time.


    Hi, You are very much welcome to the forum. Yes, this forum is really helpful. Tell me about it. I myself had joined it recently and I’m also finding it helpful and inspiring posts keeps me motivated.l am currently having a child through IVF. I was scared that’s why I joined this forum and it is absolutely worth it. Much love.


    You are absolutely right about the forum. And the same thing happened to me which happened to Angelina. I got to know about Adonis but they were a total scam. Afterward, I have seen few women also giving negative comments about them. They have so poor communication staff. I am glad everyone is making us aware of them. Anyhow, I wish you good luck and warm to the forum.


    Hi there. Yes, you have come to the right place. I have been scrolling through these forums for quite a while now. It creates so much awareness. It guides us. It inspires by all the success stories. It makes us learn from people’s bad experiences. Keep inspiring. Kudos.


    hi dear. I welcome you here. your contribution means a lot. indeed I agree with you. this is a great platform to share experiences. gives us great knowledge. take care.


    hello Ronni. I also want to say that. I have joined this forum a few days ago. That’s a superb experience. It feels me like I am living in a joint family. All here care about each other. it’s everyone’s effort to provide them with authentic and real information. That’s a good phase in my life.


    Yes, there are so many good people out here. All people here are so much helpful. I am really happy to be here. There are so many good people out here. I feel very good in between this atmosphere. This is just great. I hope everything is alright with us here. This is really a great forum. This effort is just wonderful.

    Polina Delany

    Hi Ronni. You’re welcome here. I’m glad that it’s helping you. Yeah! Don’t lose hope. Keep things up! I’ve also made a couple of friends here. You can find really good people, willing to help you, guide you, support you. I’ve even made two besties from here. So, yeah! Stay strong! Let me know if you need help regarding anything. Stay blessed! Pray for me. I’m also undergoing an IVF attempt this month. xx


    We can talk about different issues here. Surrogacy was the main thought we talk. We help each other and answer the queries. I was an infertile woman. I wanted to be a mother. I was not that lucky. So I decided to go for surrogacy. I went to a clinic. They provided me with a surrogate. I have a baby now.


    We have this platform to help others. You got to a right place. My friend git her solution from this forum. She was infertile for 7 years. She TTC for so long with no luck. She went for IVF too but sam was the result. Later she went to a clinic in Europe for surrogacy. She got her surrogate their. Now she has a baby. She is blessed.


    I can relate to this completely. how I felt damaged by this experience of infertility and how I feared I would never recover from it. I know I was at a low point in but reading other peoples posts on this forum gave me hope that I will one day lift myself out of this sad place. And I actually came out of this. I had a successful IVF experience and I have a baby. I am on this forum for moral support now. How these people helped me get out of a terrible phase I want to help someone too. So many people will be able to relate to this. Beautifully written! xx


    Hey, Welcome to the forum. You are right. I really agree with you. This forum is the best one. Many women get the best information from here. This is the source of happiness for many people. I wish you good luck.

    Anika louis

    Hey, you are right. These forums are platforms to share our views, thoughts and feelings. The warm response from others is always heart touching. This makes me feel that we are like a family. I had fertility issues. Through the constant support of people here, I am now a mother of two beautiful kids. Surrogacy has changed my life. I hope it brings endless happiness to others life too.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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