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    Sarah Williams

    I agree with you. Egg quality is a lot controlled by the aging process. That’s why it gets tougher for women to conceive in their 40s. Well, I’m also 36 and I’ve PCOS, my egg quality isn’t as good as a 20 year older girl. So, yeah! Well, anyway! Wish you all ladies best! More baby dust on you all. XOXO



    That is good advice. Sure you can have a baby. You think you are infertile? Or have aged too much? There is no absolute infertility. And the age barrier in a limited one. You can have a baby. Believe that you can. I tell myself such things everyday. Darn I need to! Otherwise, I would have shattered like a piece of mirror fallen from a 10 story building. My psychiatrist says that having a positive aspect at life helps in everything. And my gyne agrees. I am just hoping for the best. Sorry for the random words.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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