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    Sarah Forsetein

    I currently feel like I’m losing my mind, Christmas is next week and I’m trying to find the budget to get presents for my family this year. Between my parents, my siblings, my daughter, and my husband, the money is not there, are any of you doing creative presents on a tighter budget? This is the only place where I can talk about this stuff!


    I know am answering this late. But I do hope that it will be of help. If not for this year Christmas event then for any holiday along the year. When dealing with budget. Sometimes it might be something difficult to work with. Especially if there is no money to show off. You can buy them things that are not expensive. Or maybe you have something taht you are not using. You can refurnish it and award them again. Let me say like your daughter. You can give her a cloth that maybe she has been eyeing for long. You might not feel a pinch about it. Bu I am sure she will be grateful. Or perhaps some jewelry taht you no longer wear. It feels like killing two birds with one stone. You can do the same to other family members. You cannot miss to have a creative idea that will prevent you from using much money. Which in your case you do not have.


    Budgeting for Christmas shopping may sound like a chore but it can be the life line you need to avert debt. Typically when a person goes Christmas shopping and there is no budget. Then this gives the illusion of having no limits. And no limits often leads to January credit card bills that hurt. I’ve heard people talk about how they counted on getting a big tax refund in order to pay for the previous holidays. Is that you? That doesn’t sound like healthy finances to me. It doesn’t have to be that way. Designing a budget helps you to avoid that steep downhill in January; and this helps to keep the happiness of the holidays lasting well into the new year. you need to make a list of all expenses. Notice I’m talking expenses here and not just gifts. We tend to spend more than just on gifts, don’t we? Do you have to travel at Christmas? How about special holiday meals? You see where I’m going with this. The point here is to figure out how much you’re spending before you even get to your gifts.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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