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    Farah Smith

    Hi there… Olivia smith hope you are fine.Really sorry to hear what you are going through. Being not able to conceive naturally is very hard phase of women life.Many women gave up in these hard times. Its good that you didn’t gave up. Every women need child and it takes some time and struggles to reach your desired destination. Things to science for providing us these opportunities and treatments. You are following a right path. Surrogacy indeed is a blessing of science and had changed the life of so many people. I wish and hope it will definitely work for you too. My Good wishes and prayers are with you.”



    Hey Olivia. How are you doing? Indeed surrogacy is the right way to become a mother for infertile women. Whether it is moral or immoral. It is giving infertile couple a hope and purpose of life. What else needs more than it. Clinics in Europe are best for you problem. Many people fulfil their desires through this process. I hope that people may change their thoughts towards surrogacy. Wish you guys Bes of luck


    Jessica fields

    It is good to see that you are still hopeful. Yes, surrogacy can a beneficial solution. Especially at your age. You mentioned a clinic. Where exactly is it located? How much will you pay them? What exactly is the package? Which things are included in it? Are food and accommodation included? Or will you pay for it separately? Also, did you get an appointment? Was it a hassle? Or it was an easy thing? Were they cooperative? I have had a bad experience with a clinic. I can’t repeat same mistakes again. I would appreciate some answers.



    It is a very important question. Before going for surrogacy some legal documentation is highly important. These contracts are related to the financial expenditure and the surrogate. It is not a normal legal procedure. Hence, any one planning for surrogacy must check out with the surrogacy agencies. They are professionally sound enough to do all legal processes in an authentic way.I hope things go the right way for you.



    Hello there! How are you doing? I feel so sorry to hear about infertility. Infertility issue is common nowadays. But there is also an alternative available to cope with infertility. I had faced infertility for many years. Then from a friend of mine I came to know about surrogacy. I had to make searced on it. I consulted with different clinics. Finally, I went to Ukraine for my surrogacy. Here I found a very reputable clinic from which I had provided with great services. They arrange themselves a surrogate for me and took a great care of her. Finally, the moment comes and I had blessed with a baby girl. The overall journey was great. I hope you would get your baby soon. Best wishes. Stay blessed



    Hello there. It is great to hear about your journey. Thank you for sharing your story. I feel truly happy that you will have a child soon. The surrogacy contract is one of the most important pieces of every surrogacy process. The contract guides the entire surrogacy journey. Clearly outlining each party’s rights, roles and responsibilities before, during and after the pregnancy. When the surrogacy contract is comprehensive and done correctly. It can help limit disputes and miscommunication while protecting everyone involved in the surrogacy process: the intended parents, the surrogate, and most importantly, the baby. Every surrogacy contract will look somewhat different based on state surrogacy laws. Take care. good luck


    keira trey

    hey there! I hope you are doing great.surrogacy is an amazing process. a beautiful choice for women struggling with infertility. infertility is a huge problem and so many couples have been suffering from it. it’s really painful to hear that so many couples are not able to have their own baby. and more awareness should be raised. more forum debates and attractive seminars should be held where people can be told that they have a chance. that you should not be hopeless at all. you can totally have a baby of your own through different processes. I am happy that I went for surrogacy and I am so happy that you are going for it as well. I had twins through surrogacy. my family is complete. I hope you become a mother soon and everything turns out the way you want it too.

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