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    Hi, how are you? I hope you are doing well. I am really sorry for your problems. It was really tough for you being infertile. The best thing I have noticed you never give up. That’s the spirit and passion like in your story. You have taken a very good decision. You should definitely go for surrogacy. It will be the best option for you. Please beware of clinics. There is the worst clinic like a lotus in Europe. They are scammers. Try not to get the treatment from them. I wish you a very good luck with that. My best wishes are with you

    Sara Alston

    Hey Olivia. Congratulation for getting married. I am really feeling very happy that you guys are now moving ahead to have a baby. My dear, before going for surrogacy choose your clinic very wisely. Because one of my friends had a very bad experience in Lotus clinic. The clinic is totally scam and fraud. So dear, while choosing a clinic to be careful. This will help you a lot in surrogacy. Wish you the best of luck.

    Farah Smith

    Am glad that after an awful experience of marriage now you are married again. Hope things work well for you on your new journey. You have chosen a right path sweetheart. Surrogacy will definitely work for you. Its an amazing treatment of science and a great hope for infertile couples. I also faced a sad situation regarding babies. Miscarriages really ruined my life. I have had tried IUI and IVF but unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. Surrogacy was the only option left for me. It was a very tough and long journey of my life. But it was worth taking time. I had a successful surrogacy treatment and now my life is totally changed. Things will be alright for you too. Cheers.

    Julia Christine

    Surrogacy is really a great step to have a baby. Most of the infertile couples are getting help for surrogacy. Even yet many infertile couples revile this amazing technique and say it an unethical thing to do. I’m pleased for you. Wish you the best of luck. I hope you would successfully find the best surrogate for you. I think you should also consult some clinics because some of them have their own surrogates and couples choose their best among them. I think this way, it would be easy for you. Honestly, a beneficial thing has come on earth I hope it would make you fulfill your wish. All the best.

    Martina John

    Surrogacy is really a great thing for all the couples who are unable to conceive or facing complications while getting pregnant. Despite several issues that lead to infertility surrogacy is the only option to get rid of infertility and fulfill their wishes Now there are many well-reputed clinics have established that are specialized for such methods and have their own surrogate. I know every couple wants to have the best surrogate for themselves but sometimes it’s hard to find. So I think it’s better to consult with a fertility clinic. I hope they would provide the better guidelines about it.


    Hello dear, I hope you are doing great. Infertility is the ultimate hardest phase of our lives. It makes us so weak in so many ways. We used to think negative all the time. There are situations when your loved ones leave you too. But infertility teaches us a lot. It makes us strong. Useful ways like IVF and surrogacy. Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn great ways. I faced infertility in the worst conditions. But the clinic in Europe helped me. Their surrogacy treatment was the best. I’m so lucky to have my own babies. Holding my own twins was the greatest feeling ever.


    Hello there! Good to know that you are looking forward to an alternative. My sister also had a great experience with surrogacy. She had faced infertility for 5 years. She was fed up with the things. Then she came to know about surrogacy. She went to Europe because here in our country surrogacy banned. She found a reputable clinic. She had blessed with a baby girl. I hope you will be a mom soon. Stay blessed


    Hey dear. I know how it all feels. I can relate to your story so much. I really hope that your dream of being a parent comes true soon. Keep trying. Find out ways. You will get what you desire. Cheers.


    Olivia, I know the complications and how hard it is to get pregnant when you now that it won’t stay. I have had similar experiences. And I have resorted to surrogacy. I have embraced the fact that I can’t get pregnant naturally. Nor via assisted conception. One piece of advise that you must consult with good doctors as well s clinic. The surrogates must not be chosen privately. It must be advised by the clinic. As they are healthy and tested for a healthy pregnancy.

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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