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    I need some serious suggestions.
    I’m 43 years old now and i have also no luck with babies too.
    Now i am married for second time and i am thinking of having a baby again.
    But the miscarriages from my last married life make me afraid and stops me getting pregnant again.
    I persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy option.
    As from my first marriage i had no luck with having a baby.
    I had many complications while getting pregnant.
    I conceived for three times but always resulted in miscarriage.
    I think surrogacy is the best solution now adays where we can have a baby.
    I consulted a number of clinics related to surrogacy.
    Surrogacy is now adays a common method of having a baby for those women who can’t have a baby out of their own womb.
    You better should research about surrogacy and should visit some clinics regarding surrogacy.
    But i am worried about some aspects of having a baby from this process.
    But as we have no other option left so i guess it is the only solution for us now.
    Any women raising a baby from surrogacy method please share your experience with us.


    OliviaSmith that’s so sad. Don’t take tension of your age. Age is not such a factor where you have to worried about it more. 43 years old lady can be also pregnant. I have seen the video on YouTube where a much older lady was having a baby. she was about 53 years old. Now think about it and estimate what can be happened with you. everyone has its own clock. You will get when there is the right time for you. you will be really in need of this. It is your afraid that don’t let you move forward. Just ignore it and take your steps in moving ahead. This is world and you may hear about this world that world is in globe form. Everything can happen here. Don’t let your thoughts stuck on a single point. Life will award you a baby if you give yourself a chance by pulling your thought from the darkness. Thank you!!!


    Hey, Olivia good to know that you finally have made a decision. It is very important to research on the clinic. Now that I myself am going for surrogacy. I have researched it very thoroughly. The few things that everyone should look into include. Firstly, that the clinic should be operating legally. Secondly, the babies documentations need to be provided.Also, the clinic itself should be reliable and valid. I watch a lot of videos regarding this topic. During that, I came across a clinic. They fulfill all these requirements. It was really good to know that such a clinic still exists. The biggest factor about them is that they are providing with everything and above. However, are also very inexpensive. I hope my post was helpful for further inquiries to feel free to ask.


    Surrogacy is the best option for the women with infertility.But you need to choose your clinic wisely where you’re being provided all the help and support.The clinic I went to had a very cooperative environment.They let me in the labor with surrogate mother and I had seen the whole delivery process.It was a heart-warming experience.And I got to hold the baby as soon he came out.Trust me on that you’ll love that feeling.
    I hope you’ll enjoy this experience.Keep us updated on your process.


    Hey there! Glad to see you here on this platform. I hope you are doing well. Surrogacy is helpful for those who are not able to give birth to their child. People who have tried it are way happier than ever. Having a child of your own can be a big blessing. I wish everyone gets this blessing. People should go for surrogacy for whatever reason they cannot have children. In some countries surrogacy s banned so people should try Europe. There are many countries in Europe that provide this facility and at a better rate than the US. I would urge everyone to go for it. It is your life so you must try for it. It is your life. so you have to make the right decisions.


    Olivia, the process of surrogacy is safe and it allows you to have your own biological child without having to carry it. The surrogate mother will carry it for you. The clinic you will go signs a nondisclosure agreement which protects your identity. Also, the surrogate has no right over the child. The intended parents can decide if you want to let the child meet the surrogate otherwise there is no legal liability. Other than this, the pregnancy till birth and later on is same as everyone else’s. Hope this has helped.


    Hey! I am sorry for you. It is hard to overcome such loss. It takes a lot out of a woman. It is not easy for a woman like us. Surrogacy is indeed a good process of having babies. It is common and successful. I went for it when I suffered 3 miscarriages and a tag of the infertile woman. I was so devasted by this. I chose surrogacy as my last option. I chose a clinic that is in Europe. I have heard a lot of success stories on many forums. I believed that I could find happiness in that clinic. I went for it and they provided me with a surrogate. She got pregnant in 2nd week of insemination. It was a long journey but in the end, I was blessed. My husband supported me a lot. He also wanted a baby badly. We are blessed now.


    Hello there! I am not going to tell you to stay calm and don’t think about it too much I know I can’t exactly feel what you’re going through rn but i do understand your fears and concerns for your married life trust me it’s so different now with high technology and all the new procedures it is not difficult anymore to have a child you’ll be given several options choose the one you think is suitable for you there are procedures like IVF, IUI, and surrogacy, keep the pros and cons of everything in your mind and consult your doctor, take opinions and then go for the best suitable option. Nothing to be afraid of, you’re young so you will not face many problems during the procedure, take care of your health do some yoga to keep your mind at peace and then give it a thought because babies who’re born through such procedures are as normal as other babies. May God bless you!!


    Probably no aspect of infertility is more traumatic than becoming pregnant and losing the baby. And while most women who miscarry do go on to give birth to a healthy baby. Infertility specialists are often called in to find out the cause for the recurrent pregnancy loss and recommend treatment. Believe it or not, miscarriages are a common occurrence. As scary as that may sound, one in four women experience a miscarriage while trying to get pregnant. The risk of miscarriage increases with age, and, in many cases, can be attributed to an abnormal egg. As a woman gets older, the quality of her eggs diminishes resulting, not only in more miscarriages, but also in an increased infertility and genetic abnormalities (such as Down’s syndrome) rates. When a woman seeks medical care for recurrent miscarriages. Her doctor will first seek to diagnose the cause for her problem. It is my hope that your solution will work out. Personally I have not been through surrogacy. But I have seen it come out successful to a number of my friends. I di hope the same to you.


    Although in general, chances to conceive a child are retained after three or more miscarriages. Factors related to subfertility of both partners have an important impact on the outcome. Therefore, prolonged time to pregnancy should result in preventive gynaecological care from the first miscarriage on. So that fertility can be preserved as best as possible. Most Women With RPL Will Eventually Have a Healthy Live Born Baby. About 15 percent of pregnant women experience sporadic loss of a recognized pregnancy. Just 2 percent of pregnant women experience two pregnancy losses in a row. And only about 1 percent have three consecutive pregnancy losses. The risk of recurrence depends on many factors. It’s important to remember that most women with RPL have a good chance of eventually having a successful pregnancy. Whether or not a cause is discovered and treatment initiated.


    Your worries are justified. It happens when we step into something that’s very new to us, We feel confused. And you did that right. By writing over here, You are gonna have much encouragement from here. Even the time when I was new over here I had so many questions and confusions in my mind. But I am the one who never hesitates to answer to individuals who are new in seeking help over surrogacy. If you have found a solution then you must go with the flow. Look for the place or the clinic where you want to have your surrogacy procedure done. If you would have any more confusions regarding this. You could ask me. I would rather suggest you some of the posts on this forum that has the suggestion regarding surrogacy clinics. Hope for good. Fingers crossed.

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