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    In my point of view, both have its own importance. Infertile couples will be having a hard time. Knowing that they are not able to reproduce is the toughest moments of their life. The couples who are facing infertility issues can go through surrogacy. Surrogacy is the process in which embryo is transferred to another female. In most of the case, the couple can’t afford the expenses of surrogacy. They must opt for adoption. In both situations, you have your own child. Whether it’s biological or not. Life of a married couple is nothing without a child. Adoption or surrogacy complete the family. Bring happiness in a parents life. So couples can opt surrogacy and adoption according to their situation. So whatever they opt it will make them happy. Till then best of luck everyone.

    Sarah Williams

    Oh yeah! I completely understand what you’re referring to. So, yeah! That’s really a great point of view. I also remember a year back, when I got to know about my PCOS. It was really so devastating and life-changing experience or me. I was so depressed. It was really so hard for me to come out. Only, my DH was there to save me. Anyway! I’m going for an IVF this year. Yes! It’s also an assisted procedure, you must have heard of it already. So, yeah!


    Hello ladies! Hope you are doing well. Thank you for posting here. It is really motivational. I am also an infertile lady. 4 years ago, same both options were open for me. But I choose surrogacy. My DH wants a baby, Genetically connected with us. It was hard to decide about surrogacy. But we had to complete our family. So we went for it. I blessed with a surrogate baby girl. Finally, we completed our family. Surrogacy proved like a blessing for me. It really helps. God bless you.


    Both things have their benefits and cons. Surrogacy is a great procedure but it’s expensive. It takes your chance of carrying your baby away. These things have to compromise in surrogacy. Adoption is also a great process. It is completely different. The baby is not yours. You have to take some needy child. In my opinion, it’s for the best. You help others as well. Nothing is more good than this. This is the way to go in my point of view.


    You described well. I like it. Still, I have to say go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is a nice method. It’ll help you with your infertility. You’ll get your own child. It always helps you. Take good care of yourself. You just have to find some good clinic now. I know you know that better. You can get it from these forums as well. Beware of some places as well. Other than that, Everything will be alright for you.


    HI, hope you are good. I’m glad to see your post. It’s really motivational. That is the best way to search out the solution to the problem. We should not worry but try to find the solution. I appreciate your good step. I’m also an infertile lady. After marriage, I was conceived. I faced miscarriage because of a bike hit me on road accident. My bones were broken. I was in the coma for 6 months. After that, I found that I’m infertile. That new really disappointed to me I thought that I could not be the mother in my life. My friend which is settled in Europe. She told me about a clinic in Europe. I went there and visited the clinic. The doctor said to me some test. After the report of a test, he suggested me different infertility treatments. IVF success is good as compared to IUI. The doctor said to me about surrogacy as an infertility treatment. We searched about surrogate mother. After surrogacy process, I have two babies I am very happy. Surrogacy success rate is greater then IVF. I suggested all infertile lady that surrogacy is good treatments. Surrogacy is the hope of infertile women. Nice to see your post and story. Best of luck


    Hey, Emelle I hope you are good. Very true indeed! I think it all comes down to personal choice. When I was diagnosed with infertility. I also had the privilege and the option to choose between the two options. On research, I realized how both traditional adoption and surrogacy were costing me much the same. Also, both almost take the same time as well. This is what really helped me make my decision. Surrogacy was going to enable me to have my own biological child. Whereas adoption was not going to do that for me. Therefore I have opted for surrogacy. I am really excited about everything. The procedure is going so smoothly so far. I hope everything goes great in the future as well. Great post to be honest.

    Joanne Silvia

    Hey, there. You’re entitled to your opinion, of course. I just believe that surrogacy is the superior option. That’s because surrogacy means you get to have a biological child. Isn’t that the whole point of it? I’d much rather prefer surrogacy, to be very honest. But, at the end of the day, it depends on the person choosing.


    Hi Emelle! How are you? Hope you are in good health. You are right both adoption and surrogacy are beautiful process. What option to chooses rests on the shoulders of the couples. It is their decision what to follow but unfortunately, Surrogacy is considered immoral and unethical in our society. This is because most people are not aware of it and those who have had it, tend to hid it. I have been through the surrogacy procedure and I am proud of it. While everything else failed for me surrogacy was the only thing that helped me start my family. I have no regret in going for surrogacy and I recommend that people who are suffering from Infertility be open towards it. Nothing is more important that your own happiness. I wish all the best of luck.


    Surrogacy is indeed a blessing. I have faced infertility for 10 years. I was infertile after my marriage. The reason was unknown. I never knew that it would be that much difficult. I decided to go for IVF. But it failed. in the end, I decided to go for surrogacy. I went to a clinic in Europe. I found my surrogate there. I am a mother now. I never knew that my life would be like this. But everything happens for some good. I am a happy mother now. I have no more worries.


    We are blessed with surrogacy. For some woman, it is last option. We sometimes have no other option. My friend was an infertile woman. She faced it for 7 years. She was so upset. She also went to different places for IVF. She failed in it. Later she decided to go for surrogacy. Because in all this time her husband also became infertile. She went for it to a clinic. Now she has a daughter. She is happy that she took the right decision. She chooses a trustworthy clinic. She is a happy mother now.

    Felicia Saz

    Hey. I totally agree with you. This is exactly what I suggest to people who are confused between adoption and surrogacy. Both are great processes. one should only choose what they really want deep down. They don’t want to have any regrets later. Thank you for this post.


    No doubt. I really agree with you. Surrogacy is a miracle. It is a blessing for every infertile couple. But, I am hearing these days many spam clinics also exist. There are clinics like Lotus and Adonis. They are negligent and ignorant of their work. I have also gone through surrogacy. I was infertile due to fatigue injury. I was trying to conceive. My husband helped me a lot. Now I am a mother. Motherhood is really a blessing. This is just because of surrogacy. Stay blessed.


    Hi there. I couldn’t agree more with you. Surrogacy is a wonderful option for couples who dream of having their own children. Though, it is very costly. Yet for those couples who can afford it, it is like a dream come true. Options such as surrogacy has made it possible for couples to have their own children. Adoption is always a good option as well. Specifically, for couples who cannot afford the expenditure of surrogacy.

    Anika louis

    Hey. Thanks for this informative post. It would be really helpful for many infertile couples out there. This feeling of infertility is really painful. I am also a victim of infertility. I had the uterine polyps disease. Due to which I faced infertility. I was so upset and devastated. I had no idea what to do next. But when I adopted Surrogacy I felt really happy. I have done my Surrogacy in a clinic in Europe. They provided me with a surrogate who gave birth to our child. Now I have my own biological baby through Surrogacy. I am blessed to have him. I hope this would help a lot of others too.

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