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    hey everyone, I’m new here. hope you all are fine. I’m here because I’m so much confused. this is because of excitement. please tell me what should I chose. whether I go for surrogacy. or I should choose adoption. please help me. its getting complicated for me.dont know why I’m taking such a long time in decision making. please help me. I’m waiting for you.


    I believe you are fine. I know surrogacy has changed the life of many people around the world. People have been going through this situation for quite some time. Now surrogacy has helped them get over it. I would pray for you that your decision may succeed.


    Hey, Ronni I hope you are doing well. I can understand that it is really a confusing situation. You just have to be well-researched. In my personal opinion, I think surrogacy. Ther are two reasons for it. Firstly, the cost of traditional adoption is the same as surrogacy. however, through surrogacy, the child will be biologically yours. For a lot of people, this is really important. Both the procedures are very lengthy and therefore, there is no much time difference. Adoption involves a lot of legal/paperwork. I hope the confusion is soon solved. I opted for surrogacy! So far everything has been going great. The main reason is the clinic I chose is operating at a very high success rate. They are efficient and professionals.


    Hey dear, I saw your post. You are in the right forum, my dear. You should definitely go for surrogacy. I also have read and watched many successful surrogacy stories. Many infertile couples are considering surrogacy as a blessing for their happiness. You people can also use your own biological substance. In this way, the surrogate’s biological impact will not affect the baby. Adoption comes after surrogacy. If you are rich then adoption is the best kind of charity for you to do. Wish you very good luck dear for your starting journey. Wait for the happy times. I hope you get to hold your baby in your arms soon. All the very best to you. Stay safe.


    I had hystrestomy cancer.I am cancer free but i can’t be a mom anymore.I was ver upset and stressed.But my husband was there to support me.He assured me that he will do everything to have us a baby.
    So we came to know about surrogacy.Firstly we both searched about surrogacy we understood every aspect of surrogacy.Than we moved to Europe from Japan.Japan has banned surrogacy totally so we moved.We stayed in Europe for 4 months and consulted some clinics too.
    Surrogacy has been a good thing for me after all.I read about surrogacy alot.I heard people talking about it mostly on the forums or on different social platforms.
    But due to several reasons my husband was not very satisfied.Then we moved to Ukraine.We heard from many people about many clinics in Ukraine.Ukraine is very popular as per surrogacy.In Ukraine we contacted a clinic and than the clinic started our journey of surrogacy.
    Now the surrogate mother is pregnant with our twin daughters.We are very excited to have our own babies now.


    Hi Ronnia, how are you? I just come across with your post. In my opinion should go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is a miracle. And also the child belongs to the couple genetically. Adoption requires a lot of paper work and tension. You don’t know when in future someone come to claim the child. I am an infertile. I can’t conceive because of my heart problem. The news broke us down. But luckily my husband supported me. He suggested surrogacy. we contacted Adonis clinic to get treatment. But they didn’t reply to our emails. we also tried to contact them via phone but all in vain. I am telling you this so that you will think carefully before contacting any clinic. There are many others clinic like Adonis that are making fool of people. Beware of them.


    I hope things are great at your end. You look extra excited over this. Or, maybe worried. Don’t worry. People over here are of a great help. If you think religiously you should then go for adoption. It is going to be a noble cause. However, if you wish to have your own biological child go for surrogacy. It is a wonderful process. It has been a source of a magic for so many couples. Infertility has crushed the hopes of so many couples. These assisted methods have been a source of happiness for many. I think you should give surrogacy a try. I hope it works for you. All the best.


    It is great that you are thinking about such methods. They have been serving as a magic to so many couples. My cousin sister is a victim of infertility too. She has two failed IVF. And, also one failed IUI. There was never any luck. She then had surrogacy from Ukraine. It was a wonderful experience. She was fully entertained. The doctors had been quite supportive in this regard. She is now a blessed mom. I think IVF would be a complicated process. If you want to have your own child, go for surrogacy. Rest the decision is all yours. Think wisely. All the best to you.


    Hi Ronni! Hope you are fine. All infertility treatments are helpful and it is up to you to choose which one to follow. For my surrogacy was the way to go since IVF was unsuccessful. For some Adoption is the way to go. It falls down to what you want. I wanted my own biological child so I went for surrogacy. If you are open to adoption there is no harm in it. We should be willing to try anything to be happy. All the best to you.


    Hey Ronnia, In my opinion, you should definitely go for surrogacy. You can read and watch the successful surrogacy stories of the women to get motivation. Surrogacy is sometimes the only option for infertile couples. And itblesses them with a child. I hope you get to hold your baby in your arms soon. Baby dust to you. All the very best to you. Lots of love.


    I would say you should go for surrogacy. It’s my personal favorite. I think it’s just so beautiful that you have this option for getting your child. And it’s biologically related to you! There are so many great fertility clinics out there now. I would suggest trying something in Europe. They’re a lot more reasonable. Good luck with your experience!


    Welcome girl. It is the right place to ask us something. Well, I am so sorry for everything. It is great you are moving on. I am not in favour of adoption. As you can not bring up anyone else baby. It is best to go for surrogacy. I have a baby through surrogacy too. Through this, you can have your genetic baby. I am recommending you surrogacy. I was infertile. I was not able to conceive a baby. So I made my mind to go for surrogacy. Now I am a happy mother. I chose surrogacy. I have no more wishes.


    Hy Ronni!! Welcome to this forum. Hope you are doing great. According to me, surrogacy is the best treatment than IVF. I am speaking this on the basis of my very own experience. People guided me wrong to go for IVF. I have been through many cycles. But each one was a bigger tension for me. it was a waste of money. As nobody ever made sure that my eggs were even healthy or not. Now I am going for surrogacy abroad and I feel much happier than before. I suggest you the same. Good Luck


    Hi. I hope you are doing fine. If you want your own baby so go for surrogacy. It is an amazing process. My friend chose surrogacy when she was infertile. At first, she faced it for 7 years. S She went for IVF. But she failed. In this time her husband became infertile. They decided to go for surrogacy. They have a baby now. I am so happy for them. it was a right decision. They chose a clinic in Europe. They are happy to choose it.


    I’m so sorry for everything. Surrogacy is a great option for all those people who can’t get pregnant.But choosing a reliable clinic for opting the surrogacy is really important. Because there has been a lot of scammers like Lotus and Adinos in market. I wish other people who are still facing troubles give this idea a try.Best of luck to all.

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