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The best number of eggs to be retrieved?

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    From someone who’s been through the fertility roller coaster. It can be so emotionally exhausting. It causes a lot of stress and anxiety, which is, I think women with PCOS are more susceptible. This is my opinion. The way we’re wired. I think we have more of a heightened sensitivity to stress. Certainly our cortisol levels are a little more out of whack. Then I also wonder what you guys consider a good number of follicles and eggs retrieved. What would that number be? PCOS is it worth it for PCOS women to even try IVF if all blood work and female and male testing is normal? That all plays, that’s all part of this equation. When so many things can feel out of your hands. It’s so important to try to take control of something. You certainly can take control of your lifestyle and your diet, and what you’re eating. Also your attitude, trying to keep a positive frame of mind.


    A dozen eggs might be just the right amount to buy at the grocery store. But when harvesting human eggs for in IVF, 15 is the magic number. Resulting in the greatest chances of a live birth. The results, based on a computer model using data from women receiving IVF treatment. Strike a balance between harvesting too few eggs and reducing the chances of a live birth with harvesting too many eggs and risking the potential of a negative health outcome for the mother. However, the number of harvested eggs should depend on the woman who is undergoing the IVF procedure. Her age, her hormone levels and other factors. The people in the study who had 20 or more eggs harvested were probably overstimulated. Which increases body levels of estrogen tremendously. Increased estrogen levels decrease the opportunity for eggs to implant. Thereby leading to a decreased chance of pregnancy and birth.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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