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    Today I am going to speak on behalf of my friend. She is this independent woman. She has a husband. But her husband works in Dubai. You can imagine the distance. The husband is only around once in a year. Especially during the Ramadhan. And only for a month. Once the Ramadhan is over, he goes back to work. Then she has to wait till the following Ramadhan. Call it long distance marriage. Due to this, my friend has always wished for just one child. This way, she feels it will be easier to manage. So she was pregnant last year. To everyone’s surprise, she conceived triplets. Yes I know how much many of you wish for this. But not for my friend. Right now she is contaplementing. The kids are giving her a hard time. She has a nanny but things are still not working out. She is thinking of adding another nanny. She wanted to give me the third child but I refused. My 1 year old boy is just enough for me. Is having triplets a blessing or a curse?


    Aww, I always wish for twins or triplets. According to me, triplets are a blessing. Not just blessings but triple blessings. Since I was a child I have always wished for this. To have multiples. If it is twins then it is fine. Same case to triplets. Then after this, I will not conceive again. I am so glad for her. It is so unfortunate that she is regretting. I can understand how tiresome the kids can be. But it is just for a short while. When they grow up it will be over. Actually she will be proud of them. They are just stressful for this short period. There after she will start enjoying the fruits. Just tell her to manage for now. She can have another nanny if she wants to. Then when the kids are grown up she can remain with one. Being a first time mother it must be hard for her. But after sometimes she will get used.


    It’s really great. It looks like a trouble. I don’t know why people think like that. I know its a big issue for many people. It is going to create many problems for you. On the other hand, when they grew up. It’s going to be a real blessing.

    Jessica fields

    To some, it is a blessing. To some, it becomes a headache. I am still trying to absorb the situation. She can manage the triplets. I mean she can have another nanny. This way there will be three people. Adoption is a stupid idea. People die for a child. She got three.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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