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    Marion Jones

    Hello girls and boys… I am new to the site … I read what you write and I want to tell you my own sorrow … We try 1.5 years with my husband for a baby with no luck … 4 months ago we went for examinations … The spermogram was good according to the doctor, it had very good mobility but only there was a reduced number but satisfactory …He took a three-month treatment vitamin e but we had no results … The last thing I did was going to the gynecologist and did an ultrasound for ovary and three times it was the 14 day … I have a steady, 28 days cycle … My doctor tells me because it’s only 25 years for me to do nothing further and just wait for it to come because there is no problem .. I want it again so much that I think I want to go and get a second opinion … What do you suggest; I’ve been thinking of going into the process of inseminating, but the doctor does not agree …


    Hi there Marion. I am glad you are sharing this with us. i will try my best to help you out dear. Based on what I know your case seems to be a case of infertility with unknown cause. It is kind of common… I have heard about it a lot and I have red a lot about it. It happens when there is nothing that causes infertility yet the couple is infertile. This is a very hard disease as there is no known treatment. Most of the time IVF is known to work but not always. What you should do based on what doctors say is try to get yourself healthy.By this I mena start runing, eating healthy, exercising, quit bad habits and so on. Maybe that all you need to make it there. Also try to reduce stress, maybe that is what has been causing the infertility at the first place. God bless you and treat yourself well. Tell me more about what happens when you can.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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