Welcome to the Intended Parents Forum

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Welcome to the new Intended Parents Forum! We’re so thankful you have decided to check out it. We’ve been working hard to create a place online where you and your loved ones can go to find out about adoption or surrogacy, connect with the others on the same journey in the forums, or find quality professionals in our exclusive directory.
Moving forward, you are going to discover our fresh and modern web site a terrific place to go for valuable, objective, and helpful info regarding adoption and surrogacy in general as well as providing a supportive community and a comprehensive directory listing. We’re devoted to partnering with the leaders and influencers in both the surrogacy and adoption communities, and working towards building a supportive and informational website.
If you have some questions regarding our forum, directory or advertising services, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us — simply email us at info@intededparentsfroum.com or use the Contact Us form here on our new website.
Thanks for joining our new community!


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