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Infertility, as we know, is an exceptionally frustrating. Emotionally devastating time. Most people would not be able to remove themselves from the situation long enough to objectively evaluate the qualities of a potential surrogate. That is why most surrogate agencies offer extensive psychological screening of their surrogates. Not only is there a qualified specialist who can make a recommendation whether the woman is suitable. But if you are working with an agency that has had significant experience with surrogates. The agency’s personnel also may be able to give you good advice about the woman. Perhaps the greatest danger of working independently is that you remove the very people who can. And should, provide the type of guidance you need. Surrogacy’s failures result from the absence of objectivity. The only thing more tragic than working with an agency that isn’t responsible is not working with one at all. Of course there have been many independent arrangements which have resulted in beautiful babies. Satisfied surrogates, and thrilled couples. You may be just such a person. You may get lucky and find a perfect surrogate. Of you may have found a wonderful couple. But is it worth the risk if you don’t?