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Hi honey! I guess there was nothing extraordinary. I gonna tell in short.
I knew our babies were born. We were overwhelmed with emotions. It was such a huge flow of positive vibes.
I was crying. My husband was jumping on toes. We at once wanted to know how to attend them.
We were instructed all was okay. It was weekend. Thus we missed two days.
Then when it was the first opportunity we went to the hospital. A driver took us from the hotel. There was already an interpreter In the place of meeting.
Our driver passed us to him and we went on. Our kids were born at the big grey from the outside building. It didn’t look friendly.
I was afraid it could be the same inside. In fact it was a little bit lighter than I expected. It was a state hospital.
I suppose my clinic doesn’t co-operate with private ones. It doesn’t make difference. I saw our maternity hospital.
It was rather fine. There was nothing bothering me. It looked clean and neat.
My babies were lying separately from surrogate. She had c-section. I thought she was under care.
We visited our children every day. We spent approximately an hour per day with them. It was so touching.
We took much photo. We always played with their tiny feet and fists. We were allowed to touch them.
In three days we met our surrogate. She was all right. We spoke through interpreter.
Actually I didn’t know what to ask. We’ve not been prepared for such meeting. We forgot to bring presents.
I hope she didn’t get offended. We brought them to our next meeting. So, how was it further?
Of course our babies couldn’t be discharged before the surrogate. It took 6 days in general for her to recover completely. That’s true.
We were discharged together. They got some papers, swapped compliments and we were free. Immediately after we got medical birth certificate we had our babies.
We could go home. As usual the driver in a big buss took us. Our babies were in a car with us.
The next destination was our hotel. Meanwhile day or two after discharge our surrogate went to notary office. She signed up the refusal.
She officially refused from babies. It sounds terrible, hah, no. in fact it’s a regular procedure.
Our surrogate is such a kind one. She is very lovely and cute. I hope it wasn’t too difficult for her.
Perhaps basically that’s all.