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Alsa Markle

Yes, you are absolutely right. I know that infertility is not an easy thing to be handled. The people which are facing this only understands. Infertility makes you weak day by day. It finishes with you. But only a supportive environment and love can help to face it. I know all this because I am also an infertile woman. And life had been doing injustice with me three times. I had three miscarriages. I was dying inside. Because losing a rainbow is the most difficult pain a woman can get. But my husband supported me a lot. He took me to a very good clinic in Europe. I was afraid of clinics because my last experience was so bad with the Lotus clinic. But I was wrong after visiting that clinic. They gave me the best treatments. And told me about surrogacy and arranged a surrogate for me. I am a happy mother of a boy now.