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Oh dear! I am really so shocked to hear this. Yeah, it wrong to despoil the money of people. I mean are they out of their senses. I had Seen the same case So I want to explain in this forum only for your awareness is the sad story of my friend. She was declared infertile due to cancer of she decides to choose another way. For this, she consults with a clinic and it is Adonis. They made her clearly that they would sort out her problem. She paid money and all went very well at the start. After some days when she goes to their clinic. They do not give the good response to her. Her process For IVF was delayed by saying her that she is not ready for this process. She waits for her treatment for one month but they extended dates. At last, they stop giving her any response. she becomes so disturbed due to their rude behavior. Then she terminates her consultation with that, please guys don’t take such decision which makes you disturbed. Always think about what is good and pure for you. So please be attentive.