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I am sorry to hear about your cousin’s bad experience in Lo**s. I know how bad she has been feeling now. This shows their selfishness. How much they are eager to get money. Let them make their place being selfish. Keep their selfishness aside and think about the factor of being using the weakness of others for their own pleasure. They are just doing the same thing. They think people are foolish and we can deceive them in emotions of being a mother. If you talk about the staff, then I will say the clinic’s management is responsible for the staff’s cleanliness. Their ethics, habits, way of treating with people and getting feedback totally depicts their education, level of seniority and their institute’s authentication. A staff becomes better when a clinic’s management offer them handsome pay scale. If you are not paying them good, then how can you expect from them to be sincerer and loyal to their duties? This is not a way to run a clinic. In this way, clinics ruined patient’s life as well as their reputation too which directly affects the country name. I think they should be just loyal to their staff first then expect an extraordinary thing from the client side.