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I can imagine what you are trying to say, Meggy. A clinic is made up of staff’s efforts. In fact, a clinic earns its reputation via the management team and staff’s hard work. People are a witness to this thing that a clinic with poor management had gone out its identity from this world. They are unable to win people’s trust. It’s hard to earn trust and this trust is only win when you serve them well in past. No one trusts your skills the first time. You have to show them what you are and what you can do better as compared to others. I will only say that L**us has lost its name. Now, it’s unbelievable to recall them again. I am helpless to say this because I made the worst experience of my life. Everybody should know what they did with me. what they are trying to do with you all. So think hundred times before taking an action. Wish you all the best.