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    for those who know my story I am a mother of a one year old boy. I had gone through a lot to conceive myself this kid. So I really love him a lot. He means the whole world to me. So far I have not had any kind of conversation with my DH either to have another child. Dealing with the infertility issue already cost us money. My IVF procedures are not covered in his health insurance. So we had to dig in our pockets to fund the two IVF. The first one failed, but I had already paid for it. Right now we are trying to recover from the financial strain we were going through. Paying for the two egg donation and the two IVF procedures. So my son is healthy and kicking. I was afraid of this procedure. Thinking maybe it might have some side effects on the baby. But no. My son is so sharp and playful. Very stubborn if I am to add. But I like it that way. It is a prove that he physically and mentally okay.


    Congratulations for the bundle of joy. I can understand what you went through to get that child. A failed IVF and disappointment. In your case you even had to do egg donation. That must have been expensive. But at least at the end of the day you succeeded. There ate many people looking for a child there. Wit even more than 6 procedures. Maybe they had gone to the best clinics. You can imagine the amount they parted with it. Anyway, that us a story for another day. With the 2nd IVF being a success. You must be happy now. Just know that procedure is always safe. So you really have nothing to worry about. Your child will be just fine. I believe he will grow stronger than that. Just make sure he lives a healthy life. Give him more vitamins. Check his diet. I don’t think if you even have nothing to worry. If it is IVF that made you that worried. Then rest assured it can not affect the child.


    I think I can say I am in a similar situation like yours. I am expectant and waiting to hold my bundle of joy. I have been looking for a child for more than 5 years. So when this one came through I can say it is a miracle baby. I have conceived through FET. It as the last idea that I had. But since the other options were not working out I could do nothing else. Now I am 4 months pregnant. The pregnancy is going on well. I am hoping for the best. I do not know if it is having side effects. Like will my child be okay? Now that you have raised that concern. I know less about FET so I cannot quickly conclude. However, your story is raising hopes in me. My first idea was to use IVF. But with 2 failed attempts I gave up. I am sure of that procedure. This is because I know various people who have conceived through that means. They are healthy same to their children. So I can assure you that you should not worry about your child.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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