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    Hi Angelia! thankyou we are doing good. Sorry about your losses. My best wishes are with you. Infertility is a big deal for any women. But remain optimistic is best. I want to tell you that one of my friends was also unable to conceive. She had a lot of miscarriages. She went lifeless. All she wanted was a bay. I tried hard to get her back to life. At last, I come to know about the clinic. They treat infertility. She went there had a treatment of IVF. Now she is expecting twins. I recommend you that you should go for that one. You’ll never be disappointed. Good luck dear.


    Hey Angelina, I am so sorry to read about your suffering. Lotus have so many bad words circulating around about them. I heard so many reviews that say the same thing even the worst. And I am so depressed hearing all such things. Because being a person that has zero knowledge over the facts and figures could easily make the false decision. And if this would happen I would have no more strength to get the struggle of infertility going. This would let me lose my remaining strength. I would ask you to look into some of the clinics of Europe. They are providing some of the best services and prices. Even I have heard the reviews. I have always read good about them. And I am much impressed. Though this clinic is from the same place this is a one-sided picture. The other side is much better And has some of the best clinics available.

    Rhonda Jet

    Hey there Angelina. How are you doing? I hope it’s all great. I am really sorry to hear about your experience with Lotus. I know it must really be hard dealing with infertility. And on top of these scammers giving people false hope. They do not see the situation. I hope no one else falls for this. I wish everyone good luck. Take care and lots of love.


    Hey Angelina. I am really feeling very sorry about your experience. This is not your fault dear. Sometimes thing came so quickly that it doesn’t easy to find what is good and what is bad for you. Dear, I think you should go to other clinics. Don’t lose hope like that. Things will definitely work for you. Just stay relax.

    Sara Alston

    Hey Angelina. How are you doing? Hope so you are feeling ok now. I am really sorry for the condition you are going through. This is not your fault my dear. Things are just not in your favour right now. Keep trying. Finding a good clinic is not an easy task. Be patient. Best of luck.


    oh, my dear, you have faced hard times. infertility gets critical sometimes. you have decided best for you. to go for surrogacy. but your friend’s advise was not right. I think they don’t know the truth about this clinic. this clinic is fake. they are scammers. they loot people. so stay away from them. I recommend you to go to northern Europe there is plenty of, state of the art clinics. best in the world. my best wishes are with you.


    This is very wrong. They should not do this. They are negligent towards their work. Visit Europe for surrogacy. The clinic in Europe is the first rate. They are the source of thrift for many women. I have also a child through surrogacy. I moved to Europe for this. I am a blessed mother now.


    Awe I feel really bad to hear about your experience. I have also seen many bad reviews about the lotus and Adonis clinic in Europe. They are the scammers. They are playing with people’s emotions. I wish no one suffers from it. Thanks for sharing this information. It will be helpful for many people.

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)
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