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    My brother is a proud father of a 4 year old. so recently he took his child for school. It was his first time in school and the dad expected him to enjoy. But it seems to be complicated. The child is facing some isolation in school. Everyday both his parents drop him off to school. Then they later come and pick him up every evening. This seemed to have drawn much attention. So kids are isolating him. Just because his parents are gay. The kid no longer wants to go to school. He does not feel secured at school. When the last time they dropped him at school in the morning. The kid refused to get out of the car. He really cried hard that a teacher had to come and intervene. The kid told his parents what he undergoes at school. Now he does not want to go back to school again. The parents had to take him so as to have a discussion with the teachers. Do you feel this will help? Do we have people still going through isolation just because they are from gay families?


    This is so bad. In fact I am disappointed with the school. Why are they allowing this to happen. Bullying because of the parents. I am really saddened with this information. I am a part time counsellor and I have heard such cases. In as much as we discourage this. This behavior still remains. Mainly due to the parents of the bully. If you further investigate you will find that the other parents are the ones responsible. Like a parent telling the child not to play with your nephew. Just because his parents are gay. Maybe they feel the son will also be gay. And they are preventing their children from being gay too. The best thing is to speak to their children. Explain to them about everything. Not telling them to isolate your nephew. I can call that bad parenting. I think your brother should move his kid to another school that care for children from LGBT family.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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