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    Henry Todd

    Ok, first I must say thank my god for this forum! This is the first place I feel like I can really share our surrogacy without being judged by nasty preggo ladies.

    My partner and I are expecting our first child via a surrogate in Feb 2018! Anyone else out there expecting soon? We would love to chat and possibly form a meet-up group for Dads in the Chicago area.


    I am not even from Chicago. But thought I should add a cent in the conversation. First of all congratulations. There have been people who have been going through a lot. Especially when it comes to looking for a baby. It always feels like a journey on its own. But now that you have a surrogate, it shows there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just be patient and finally you will have your baby. Concerning the forum I do agree with you. It is hard to find a place where people will understand you. These days people judge more than they care. They only care if it is beneficial. And that is not the way to go. Especially if you are dealing with fertility. They tend to make it seem like it is your mistake. Start hunting you with things you did in the past. Even if it does relate that is not the way to go. We should be encouraging each other instead. So that love and support is mainly found here.


    This is good new dear. I am a professional surrogate and I can understand your happiness. Many women are always happy when surrogacy come positive. When they finally hold their babies in their hand. If I am to share a story that I once went through. I was a surrogate for a certain couple. It was my 2nd surrogacy I was doing. The couple had gone 10 years looking for a child. All the means that they tried were not successful. The woman was so courageous. She never gave up. They were financially stable so money was not the problem. After all those years of failed IVF, IUI, ICSA, FET and the rest they later opted for surrogacy. This one also failed twice. But the doctor was a profession. He keep encouraging them. So the last surrogacy they tried with me. It was successfully. I can still remember the day I conceived. The mother cried. Since then, I understood the pain of looking for a child.


    I am also expecting. It is good that we have met online. This will be a great way to communicate. Like to know how your pregnancy is going like. It is so unfortunate that I am not from Chicago. Anyway, we can still be meeting here. So I am due on April To be precise it will be on 21st April. I am so much looking forward to this date. It really means a lot to me. I have been struggling a lot with conceiving. So I can say this is my miracle baby. I have worked so much for her. In fact I am not even planning to have another child. Unless it comes naturally. But if it will be seeing the doctor everyday. I am tired of that. The 5 years already were feeling like decades. But finally my bundle of joy is on its way. I am so anxious. Like how does being a mother feels like. I just want to know from my own experience. I hope your pregnancy will be smooth on you dear.

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