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    Henry Todd

    I wanted to be the first to post in here and say that my partner and I are in Chicago and used Concieveabilities for our surrogacy. We are expecting our first child in Feb 2018 and they have been an absolute joy to work with. We highly recommend them to the LGBTQ community!


    This is so good Henry. I am proud of you two. There has been cases that the gay community always feel left out. Some clinics even do not support such. They say surrogacy is for only straight people. I am not in the LGBT community but I do nor support this. At least this days we have the human rights. They stand for your rights. Apart from that there are also other problems that such people undergo. Like how the kids will be treated. Some face isolation in schools., Just because of the parents. This is so evil. I do not want to see any child going through this. I hope your journey will be successful. Just when you will be upbringing the child. Know the types of hardships that all of you will go through. Especially the isolation. And people talking behind your back. It will just feel like you are starting the journey afresh.


    This is positive news. Sometimes there are rules when it concerns gays. Other clinics do not even allow such. Well, I always say it is good to respect everyone’s decision. I am not going to point fingers at you just because I sin differently. Most clinic tend to have this type of being biased. This is not good at all. But since you guys ere allowed that is good news. I am a professional surrogate and I cannot chose my market. Like to turn down gays. It is something I am doing to save everyone. I have been a surrogate mother for 2 gay couples. And to actually prefer surrogating for ga7y couple more than the normal couples. The normal couple tend to give out many instructions. Especially the mother. She is the one creating a new diet instead of the doctor. Well, I still cannot turn the down. So for your success, I am proud of you.


    I am happy for you. Since the human rights started tak9mg part. The same sex marriages are getting a better share of happiness. Nit like in the olden days where it was hard to come out. This days there is much freedom that they enjoy. Like the adoption process. In the past it was illegal for same sex couples to adopt. There could be a long procedure. Or perhaps they could not be allowed at all. But thanks goodness that era is over. These days you just have freedom like any other couples. However, I still do hear of some adoption facilities with such rules. Where the gay couples are not allowed to have children. Or some clinics where they do not accept to have surrogacy for gay couples. Actually there clinics which will ask for the marriage certificate and others. But as days goes by there seems to be hope. You will soon be enjoying the same privileges. I hope others will benefit the way you have. Thanks for giving us the heads up.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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