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    I am new here but already feel at home. My name is Noreen and am a mother of a 1 year old boy. I had been suffering from infertility for 5 years. I later realized that the problem could not be identified. I am suffering infertility from an issue that has not yet been found out. So for the 5 years it was so tiresome waiting any longer. I decided to go for an egg dionation. My DH is fine and in good health. so we used his sperms and the egg. Thereafter I went for an IVF. The first trial was not successful. The doctor told me that maybe my patters were the ones that had caused all these. I am an irregular person. So the cycles sometimes are hard to tell. So my doctor had to studied my patterns for the second IVF to be successful. I am now a proud mother. I just wanted to share my story to encourage anyone out there going through any difficulty. Just know there is light at the end of the tunnel.


    Thank you for the encouragement. I am sure many people need this. Others feel that if they do not know the cause of their infertility their cannot be a solution. You are a living proof that this is not correct. You were suffering from infertility whose cause is unknown. But you never gave up. For the 5 years you decided to go for another option. It is good that it came out positive. I can understand what you were feeling for that 5 years. Without a child and you do not know the cause. There have been cases similar to yours. Where someone cannot conceive and they do not know where the problem lies. Such people give up. Others go for surrogacy. But it amazes me that you never gave up. An IVF then can surely do a wide scope of things. I hope motherhood is good enough for you. Now that you have someone to keep you company.


    More than 5 years of my marriage has been a living hell. Looking for a child. It felt like a thousand years in marriage. I was diagnosed with endometriosis. it has been hard dealing with it. The injections and the pills. I have been living a complicated lifestyle. Everyday ion my toes. going through ,y cycles if anything positive come out. The pregnancy kits and hope turned down. The failed IVF, IUI, and ICSA. All this in just 5 years. Then you come to hear stories of people aborting. As if they don’t know there are people who are doing whatever it takes to have one. I have passed though some posts. And I can say I am encouraged. there are women who are doing anything it takes to be called parents. and that is good. I can say I have been through that situation and I never gave up. So your encouragement will mean a lot. Surely at the end of the day, with all the hardships, there is light at the end of the tunnel.


    Many couples dream about starting a family together one day. They have long conversations into the night chatting about what their children might look like and grow up to be, who they’ll take after and how they’ll behave. Fortunately, for most couples, getting pregnant is easy. They make the decision that they’re ready to have kids, start trying, and within several weeks or months, they receive the happy news. For a woman to find out she’ll never be able to conceive using her own eggs is one of the biggest blows she’ll ever have to deal with in life. Before you can even begin to contemplate the idea of using donor eggs, you’ll need to go through a lengthy period of dealing with your emotions. Many women feel grief over the children that they will never have. The may even feel rage, envy, anger, or depression. Worrying about whether using a donor egg will make the child feel less like your own is also common. If you are suffering from infertility, you’re not alone and you do have options available.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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