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    The egg donation procedure involves two stages. The first stage, is the application and screening process. The second stage is the stimulation of eggs and egg retrieval procedure. During the application and screening process potential egg donors will fill out forms to determine their fertility, medical history, family history and social history. There are also a series of questions required by the FDA which you will need to answer during this screening process. If the donor is ready to commitment to the process egg donation, the donor will then need to set up an appointment with the egg donation center for medical screening. Typically this involves a physical exam. A transvaginal ultrasound to look at the uterus and ovaries and blood work. The donor will then need to meet with a psychological counselor to review the egg donation process and screen donors for possible psychological disorders. Once all screening is complete the egg donor will be added to “list” for potential recipients to select her.


    I have been through this process and I can say that you have managed to vividly describe it. Which is also nice. For those might who will be going through that process will not find it hard. In my time I was not well informed about it. So it was a bit tricky at first. Since I was not well versed with the procedures. But you have managed to keep it in a layman’s language. That anyone can under5snad it well. So for anyone who is going to be through the process. Will not find it hard while they are on it. Since they have ideas of how it is going to be like. I would also like to advise others. That if you ill be going thr0ugfh an procedures. It is good that you read about it before. So that when you are in the hospital you are aware of the process.


    Wow, this is good of you. Thank you so much. I am sure that it will help someone. Many people out here who want to donate eggs but do not know the procedure. I am sure that you will surely help. They can read through your post. And it will give them a hint of how the process looks like. Unless otherwise I am sure you have done something good. Keep on posting such educative posts. They are of great importance. Since this website is directly related to what you are saying. And we have various people seeking various help. Others might not be too confident to point it out. But I am certain that you have done something good.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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