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    Helloo there Olivia! How are you feeling now?
    I am really sorry that you had to go through the pain of miscarriages that also thrice. I can relate to how you feel. Even though I have had a miscarriage only once. Since then I have been trying to conceive for about 7 years now. I am sure that surrogacy is going to be a beautiful experience for you and your partner. Just make sure to choose the right clinic and a good doctor.
    I wish you all the very best for your journey. hope to hear some good news regarding surrogacy soon.


    Hey Olivia! Hope you are doing good. I am really sorry to hear about your miscarriages. Three consecutive miscarriages would have been devastating for you and your family. I can feel the pain you went through. But so glad to see you still hopeful and try to get a baby. These efforts will reward you, love. You should not lose your hopes ever. I have heard many success stories about surrogacy and I have read many posts regarding it. Surrogate mothers are doing a great job by being so selfless and sacrificing their baby to complete another family. We forget to appreciate such women out there who are trying to help others. We all hold a huge gratitude towards such women. I would recommend you to consult various doctors and get their opinions. And then make your own choice. Good luck!


    Greetings. How goes it with you? I trust everything is going extraordinarily. I am extremely sorry to learn about your fizzled endeavors. it truly makes a’s women extremely upset. At the point when a kindred spouse experiences such thing. I am happy you thought about surrogacy as an alternative. It’s a gift. A gift which gave me my joy. I Had surrogacy as well. There are numerous centers which give great surrogate decisions. You would then be able to perceive what goes best for you. Do your exploration. Take as much time as is needed. I wish you good fortunes. I wish everything goes as arranged. Want to hear more from you.


    Hello there. It is a difficult time for you. I can understand that. MCs can cause problems for us all. This has been changing the lives of people making hem depressed. Surrogacy is an alternate solution to this and it will change everything for you. You will be able to solve all your problems. This will have a great effect on you and you will become happy because of it. Many people have tried it and are happy because of it. I wish you all the best and I will pray for you.


    You’ll do great with surrogacy. There’s no need to panic. Actually, surrogacy’s the most effective of all fertility-related procedures. I think so at least. IVF often isn’t so successful in first few attempts. I think it’s a good treatment but in your case, you don’t have trouble conceiving. You have troubles carrying out the full pregnancy. For this reason, to avoid stress, I’d say surrogacy is a great option for you. I would suggest finding a well-reputed clinic and just going for it. If the clinic’s good, the service will be great. And that way you don’t have to worry about how the surrogate will be. They’ll let you pick her out. Good luck with it all!


    I am really sorry to hear about your failed attempts. It just breaks my heart to see women going through such difficulties Anyway I happy to know that you’re considering surrogacy. It’s such a blessing for women who’re infertile. Take your time. Think about every side of the picture. Then choose the best thing for your self. I wish you good luck Hoping to hear from you again.


    Hi olivia, I’m so sorry to hear about your three miscarriages. You are really a strong lady. Everything will be okay. I hope you’re doing great now. Surrogacy may be the last option you got but it’s also the best one. If you find a good clinic, who will give you all the support. Then I think it will make your problems solved. I know about few clinics in Europe which are very reliable ones. They found us the best surrogate mother. And we got all the support from the clinic. You’ll come across a lot of surrogates. And I hope you’ll find the best one of them all. You took the best decision of having a baby through surrogacy. Keep us updated on the whole process. Much support to you. God bless you


    I am commenting again to ask about your health. Let us know if have any update. As I remember last time you were thinking about surrogacy. Did you go for it? How’s it going? Tell us about the whole experience. I am so excited for you. I hope you found the best one of them all. Keep us updated on the whole process. Much support to you.


    I am commenting again to ask about your health. As I remember last time you were thinking about surrogacy. Did you go for it? How’s it going? Tell us about the whole experience. I am so excited for you. I hope you found the best one of them all. Keep us updated on the whole process. Much support to you.


    hi. very sorry to hear about your miscarriages.miscarrioage creates many hopeless. I would also go through the same case. but my miscarriages creates infertility.infertility is a criucal disease. but some of my friends tell me that you should go for surrogacy. I along with my husband go to the doctor. the doctor also told us that you selected good treatment.i have blessed with a baby. I and my family are very happy. surrogacy is the best option. surrogacy is the last hope of the newlywed couple. it also provides hundred percent result. best of luck to you. hope you will get my point. best wishes!


    I am really sorry for your problems. You have gone through a very rough time. It was very hard for you. You have taken the good decision. You should go for surrogacy. There is a good clinic in Europe. You must go there. On the other hand, there is some worst clinic like Lotus and Adonis. They are scammers. Don’t go there. I wish you a very good luck with that.


    Being infertile is the worst thing to have in life. Reading your story reminds me of those tough conditions I already faced in my life. I was infertile and was not able to carry my own child. me and husband TTC for 6 years but nothing fruitful happens for us. that was embarrassing for me because my younger sisters got married after me and they are blessed with a children. I searched a lot and came to know about surrogacy. ahhh, Surrogacy Finally I found something helpful for me. I contacted one of the finest clinics and they fixed my meeting with surrogate which matached with me. I am very happy to tell you that finally, I am a happy mother now. Wish you best of luck for your future dear. I would suggest you pick your clinic wisely.

    Martina John

    Dear Olivia! I just read your post. I felt so sad to know about your the situation you are dealing with. Seriously, the struggle is so hard for infertility. But now some alternate methods like surrogacy has become a famous thing to have a baby. I think you should choose surrogacy for yourself. I think you should look for some clinics in Europe. They are best for such treatments. One of my friends had her successful surrogacy from there. She was admiring them a lot. I think people should consult them.


    I agree with your words that surrogacy is the blessing of God.Surrogacy is the best and natural way to born baby for infertile people.People must know about the surrogacy they enjoy there life.
    My cousin is suffering from infertility.Due to miscarriages due to bad habits she lost her fertility.She wants baby so she decided to go for surrogacy.Surrogacy is the last hope for her to born baby.So she contact with clinic for surrogacy.Finally she reached there foe surrogacy.She got positive results.Now she has a beautiful baby.So surrogacy is the best way to born baby for infertile. Every people must know about this.

    Amanda Kalvoska

    Hello there. I agree to you. Surrogacy is a real blessing. If it is done by a perfect clinic. There is a great chance of success. I know that clinic. It is int UK. People should contact to them.

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