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When is the best time to start potty training?

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    Patrick Hoffman

    Hey all, I was just wondering when I can start to potty train, my daughter. I know there isn’t a hard set age and that it’s different for everybody but what signs should I be looking for as indicators to start potty training?


    Hello Patrick, I might not be an expert in this, but I think you check several things. I would advise you to train a child who can walk to the potty by herself. If they take simple instructions too, it is easy to instruct them to use the potty. Some people use gifts for each successful attempt use the potty by the child. Check if the child shows some discomfort after they soiled the diaper or a wet it. She may be ready for the alternative.
    Good luck.


    This will depend with how active your child is. Like are they that sensitive to note when they want to help themselves. My son these days always start reacting when he wants to assist himself. If e was not on pampers he behaves differently. Like if he is in the bed. He will go down to urinate then climb up again. If we are outside, he does not assist himself in any how. Even if he is in pampers. But once we are in, he pees on himself. So I think he has started realizing when he is outside he should not pee on himself. Then when he is inside he has the freedom to. So when we are back from market maybe. The first thing I do is tale him to the potty. Then he urinates there. This is to encourage him so that next time he goes there by himself. He is just a year old with 2 months. I started this just recently.


    If you want to know if your child is ready for potty you will note it in her behaviors. Like does she gave you any expressions when she wants to pee? She should be able to note if she wants to help herself. Like making faces. Especially if she is going for a long call. That way you will know when she wants to help herself. If you start getting this small clues then it will be easy for you. Like if she starts making faces. That means she wants to assist herself. You then take her to the potty. If you keep on doing this she will understand. With time she will be taking herself there. It is a long process but she will get used. This is the way you can train her in other things to. It will be cheaper if she is an upright kid. Meaning she easily understands things fast. I hope this will be of help to. You can alert us of the progress.


    This is a very hard thing to do with children. Like I did it once and when i think about it now… Like I cannot make this up… I have no idea how I did. I just remember that he was big enough to understand what shame is. I am talking about my son Hugh. We uset to tell Hugh that he shoud be ashamed, he is a grown up now. He himself wanted to quit the napkins then. I think he was 3 years old. Yeah it took me a long while to decide to get him off the napkins. It was hard for me and for him too. I think that for about 6 months or even more he I used to put napkins at him during night time only. When he was asleep. Because he wasn’t able to detect whether he needed to pee or poo at night. So my advice would be around the time that the baby starts walking and talking… 2 years at least, earlier I don’t think is fit.


    Diapers are part of your life, day in, day out, for so long that it’s hard to imagine not needing them anymore. It seems like the day when your child will walk into the bathroom, pee or poop, wipe, wash hands, and walk back out without you even knowing it is a long way off. And yet, that day is coming. And it will be as glorious as it has been in your dreams. Between now and then, there’s a big project: potty training. You may be ready to make the transition, but is your little one? Just like talking, walking, and sleeping through the night, every child’s timing is different. There is no perfect age to start potty training. How will you know if your child is ready? He will show interest in various ways, including asking questions about the toilet, potty seats, and underwear. Whether or not your child is ready is based on where he is physically and emotionally. Many kids show interest around 2 years old, while others couldn’t care less until they’re 2 1/2 or 3. Though there are always exceptions, girls usually show interest earlier than boys and are quicker to get the hang of it.

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