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    My sister is currently in South Africa. Her husband was moved there due to work. Actually the husband will be there for 5 years. He cannot end the contract unless he resigns. He is the only one working so he cannot do that. So my sister is going through some fertility issues. She was found out to have weak uterine walls. This means that she cannot carry a pregnancy. They don’t have enough money to go for surrogacy. That it is only his husband working and surrogacy is not covered in their health insurance. She is now thinking of adoption. Who can tell me of how to undergo adoption in a foreign land. She will be there for 5 years and that is long to wait. So she feels by the time she will be back home she will already be aging. She wants a kid to keep her company during that period. Are there laws that govern adoption in foreign lands? Anyone with information about international adoption can reach me back.


    Yes dear, there are laws. This laws vary from one country to another. You should also note different adoption centers have their own laws too. There ae some that might allow her. While others may not. She should expect any kind of answer. It could be best if she did internet research. Or she goes to adoption agencies. In S.A they might be of help. That way she will learn more. She will also be educated on their rules. Like what laws govern their adoption facilities. Being there for 5 years might be long. But what most adoption centers will want to know more. What if she leaves the country and never returns back? What if she starts mistreating her bad while away? There will be a lot of questions that she will have to answer. Mind you the child has the citizenship of that country. If she returns with her back to America will she have dual citizenship? She should just be prepared to be interrogated.


    Well this is good that you have shared. There have been a lot of people asking such a question. I once worked for an adoption facilities so I think I can help. From the facility that I worked in. They had rules concerning foreign adoption. I will answer this question depending on how that facility acts. So if someone is a foreigner and wants to adopt. There will be a long process to follow. They will have to provide testimonial on where they are coming from. Proof that they are not n any criminal case. Their history back at their home country. Immigration certificates. How long they will be there. What will they be doing while they are there. In short there will be a lot to consider. This procedure is so lengthy. This is the reason few people adopt in foreign lands. That is if at all that adoption allows foreigners to adopt. Because some other centers do not allow foreign adoption.


    Dear noreen, Your sister is on the right path if she is considering adoption. If she can’t afford surrogacy. Then adoption is also a good option. Every country has different rules and laws. By contacting adaptation agencies, your sister can easily follow the procedure and their terms as well. My best wishes are with your sister. May she get a beautiful kid for her.


    In intercountry adoption. Adopting a child from a foreign country. Prospective adoptive parents are required to follow the laws in their State. The laws of the child’s country of origin. The policies and regulations of the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. And when appropriate, Hague regulations. Become as familiar as you can with the intercountry adoption laws, processes, resources and contacts. An adoption service provider will be able to help you arrange an international adoption placement. But cannot represent you before USCIS or advise you on the legal aspects of a child’s immigration. An attorney can provide legal advice or representation for adoption proceedings. Consent. Any person seeking to adopt a child born to another must obtain the biological parents’ consent. Filing the Petition for Adoption. Initial documents are prepared and filed to begin the adoption process with the Court. Post-Placement Evaluation. A social worker will be appointed by the Court to conduct a post-placement evaluation. And finally confirmation of Consent in King County.


    Noreen that’s so sad. I can imagine your care and love for your sister. now a day our expenses are more than our income. Most people suggest surrogacy normally. But everyone cannot afford. Only those people can afford who are landlord or millionaire. A community adoption includes the assignment of a kid with adoptive parents by a municipal organization.
    This activity is done by child welfare or social services department of the country. These public agencies hold the responsibility to accept those kids whose parents have died at their birth. Some of them are available for adoption. They just need to show their necessary documents. These documents will show their identity to which country they belong. Agency will make an agreement from them. After signing some requirements have to be fulfilled. Then you can leave the agency with the kid. Hope so this is the process for adopting a kid from every kid’s nursery.


    Glad to see you here. People have now been going for surrogacy. Infertility can be countered by surrogacy. Infertility has been there for ages but now its solution is found. Clinics in Ukraine offer their best services. People should go there. I wish everyone all the best for whatever they do.


    I hope your sister soon is able to solve this problem. Definitely, financial problem is the biggest hurdle in the solution of infertility. We also first were facing this issue. However, there was still this small hope inside me that somehow I will be able to get some help. Luckily I did get some help. I watched this video of a clinic. They were explaining the entire process of surrogacy step by step. I was really impressed by how much with accuracy they were working. I start researching about them and was astonished to see how inexpensive they were. They offer two packages first being an economic package and the other one being a VIP package. I looked into the economic package and it offered more than our needs. This included a cottage as the living place as well. Anyways, apart from that, we were also called for the first consultation meeting for free as well. This too was something I think really important for us. As we really needed to be sure before getting into the process.

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