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    HI, How are you all? I am an infertile. My husband suggested to go for surrogacy. We decided to contact Lotus clinic for surrogacy. We emailed them as we want to know details about the procedure. But they didn’t show any response. We tried to contact them via phone but failed. They are scam. don’t contact them for treatment.


    Thanks for sharing your experience, Angelina. I have had the same experience with them. It is like more than two weeks I have emailed them. There is no response yet. They have very poor communication. All of you should not contact them. Since they are not willing to listen to us. They have got no concern for their patients.


    Always look for a good clinic. These things are not important to some clinics that is why they treat their customers like this. I went for a clinic in Ukraine. The clinic is too good it responds to its customers in polite manner. We are going to have our twin daughters form the help of that clinic.The clinic is very perfect in its surrogacy related treatments.

    Alice Blake

    Hello there. I went through the same thing. I was so disheartened. But i will go to another clinic now. Don’t lose hope. Take care.


    Thank you for sharing this information with us Angela. I hope your search for a new clinic is going well. I’m sorry that you had such a troubled experience with the mentioned clinic. I hope they are able to change their ways. Otherwise, I think some kind of action should be taken against them. Surrogacy is a great blessing for people who are struggling with infetility issues and that’s why they look to these kind of clinics for their help. If their only purpose to exist is to create false beliefs then they should not be allowed to exist. There should be a thorough research done for them. That way, people can know who to go to for their tests. I hope people are able to find what they are looking for in order to achieve happiness. Best of luck to all the future parents.


    Lotus is an unreliable service provider for the IPs. It is not worth visiting. My friend visited the clinic, but the doctors failed to confirm. As the treatment was not as required so she could not fight the problem. Today she is a confirmed infertile. Her doctor says this all happened because of the wrong diagnosis.

    Polina Delany

    Well, I’ve heard of this scam. Ignore it! Try other clinics or centers. I’m also having surrogacy in August in Kiev. But, It’s a different center. So, no worries! I’ve actually been referred by someone. So, I’ve seen their services on firsthand. Wish you all the best! Let me know if I can help. 🙂

    jennifer jonas

    I totally agree with you! These clinics can ruin your life. I chose this clinic name ‘Lotus’ and I had a very bad experience with it. I would suggest everyone not to go there and waste your time money and health. They have inexperienced doctors who gave me wrong meds which harmed my body. Pathetic clinic. Do your research and choose wisely.


    Oh, Count me in. I also had the same experience from this clinic. Just a wastage of money and time. I am still regretting my decision. All those who are looking for a clinic must not go there. It has a very poor communication service. It seems like a scam to me.

    Lucy jones

    oh lord. I cannot bleieve. the clinic is doing such things too. thanks, for sharing this. this was really helpful. it made me aware. indeed a good click is what we should opt for. lots of love. great work is done.


    Try to forget that. They never did well. They should think about what they did. I hope someday they’ll realize this. I don’t understand this. I hope everything is alright. Just try to take good care of yourself.


    hello Angelina! Hope you are absolutely fine now. Sorry to hear your story. I am also an infertile lady. I think it’s not the problem of one person. It’s the problem of every woman. I was very nervous and confused. I also emailed them but no response. Then someone asked me to visit biotexcom for this purpose. I visited it, and you can see how I have a 4 months old boy. Its faculty is highly professional. And its fee structure is also affordable. And the surrogates don’t demand unlawful payment from the intended parents. I will suggest you don’t waste your time more. And visit it immediately, everyone has good reviews about it. The lotus clinic also wasted my time. But someone asked me that its faculty is not professional.


    It’s really bad. They should never do that. We should put the question in front of them that why are being so selfish? What they did was completely wrong. Don’t rely on them. Go for something else. It’ll be very helpful to you.

    keira trey

    hey there! I hope you are doing great. I have had the same experience. I tried to contact them and they did not reply to my emails. it was disappointing. my sister emailed them as well and they did not reply. I don’t understand the point of putting an email ad for customers and that not responding to them. it makes me angry.


    Hi Angelina! Hope you are doing great. I have had a similar experience with Adnosi clinic. I have been mailing them for about 10 days now regarding their fertility procedure and their cost and have yet to get a reply from them. I had head Ukraine has the best fertility clinics but I guess not all of them fit the description. I hope these clinic improve their services.

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