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    Hey there! Hope you are doing great. I feel so sad to hear about their behavior. I already have read many negatives things about them. It is not a professional ethics. At this stage, patients are already facing many difficult things and this type of behavior made them too depressed. But you do not need to worry anymore. There are still many best clinics in Ukraine. You have to search for them. You need to keep in mind clinical success rate and public reviews. Hope you will be able to find a good clinic. Keep in touch with the forums like this. My all best wishes to you.

    Jessy Smith

    Hey there! hope you are fine. I’ve also heard many negative comments about the clinics. That’s sad they are playing with feelings of people. Stay strong dear. There are many other good clinics. Try to contact one of them after researching. Good luck!


    Hi there, I am sorry for you girl. I know you are feeling bad. But it’s not your fault. I have heard about them a lot. It is notorious for its unprofessional staff. My friend wanted to go to Lotus clinic too. She has been facing infertility for 7 years. She tried many procedures but no luck. She was so upset. She, at last, decided to go for surrogacy. She contacted the clinic but no respond. She waited a long time but waste. She changed her mind and went to a clinic in Europe. Now she has a daughter of 9 months. She is happy to choose that clinic. Hope things work out for you too.


    Hey Angelina, how are you? I am sorry to hear about your infertility. I hope you’re coping with it well. This is such a sensitive issue and these clinics don’t even give a little attention to the people. I contacted Lotus too they replied so quick at first gave me all the pricing and stuff. but then when I emailed them again to know more details they shut me down they stopped replying and responding.on other forums I read that they gave a woman something that later harmed her body. Don’t go to Lotus it is perhaps a scam. there may be other clinics around that are good.


    A highly non-cooperative attitude. A friend of mine was thinking to contact them. I stopped her from doing so. I told her about several such stories. Many couples contacted them months before but still, they are waiting. This is making them each day a struggle. I think you should also try for some other clinic.


    Hi there, hope you are doing well. Yes, I do agree with you. Clinical reviews are very important. We have to see all aspects and some public reviews before we get to them. There are some clinics who are not doing their job well. So, we need to be careful. Thanks for sharing your experience. Thank you very much. This will help people a lot.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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