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    I and my husband have been trying for 4 years, we got pregnant 4 times naturally but after taking eggs stimulation control two of the pregnancies were twin pregnancies, sadly the first two pregnancies ended up with miscarriages at 8,9 weeks. The third pregnancy was a healthy pregnancy with twins a boy and a girl! but sadly at 24 weeks my wife had an early delivery despite the babies were healthy but it was TOO RISKY to them to be born this early. the boy died after one day and his sister followed him and passed away after 11 days. that was really painful, then after 3 months we got pregnant for the fourth time with the second set of twins we also heard the heartbeats sadly the pregnancy was a missed miscarriage for both babies, the heartbeats stop and she had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. Now our doctor advised us to do IVF with PGD to avoid miscarriages, it was really a tough decision to make. Your video really brought joy and hope to us, thank you for making this wonderful video to courage people out there who are struggling with the same situation thank you for giving us hope by sharing your story and experience. we’re so so so happy for you and ur husband, wishing you all love, joy, success, and happiness in your life. bless your kids and your family, Amen.

    Polina Delany

    very sorry to hear about your MCs. Well, I hope that this motivation and IVF attempt works for you. STay strong! I’ll remember in your prayers. The struggle is real. Take care! AMEN! <3


    Extremely sorry to hear about your consecutive MC, Trisha. I am sure that must have been painful. MC is one of the most heartbreaking news for anyone. However, I am glad that you move ahead and research on finding a solution. I think that should be a lesson for many of us that we should never give up. I hope the process is a success for you. Make sure you are properly aware of all the details. Good luck!

    Jessica fields

    I don’t know what to say. You have seen such terrible times. It must have been so so painful. To see the twins go away. I am very sorry about this. I wish I could hug you right now. More power to you.


    Terrible situations and times. You got to bare so much. Even I could never imagine going through so much loss. This made me think sometimes that how you guys manage to get through so many worst failures. One just can’t imagine having all such things and then proceeding to next.
    Yeah, I do watch videos so many times and I feel encouraged. I think that’s the best therapy. This just made me think that there would be some good waiting for us for sure. Would you mind me asking about have you ever thought of switching clinic. Because I do believe that sometimes switching clinics works. I had interaction with a woman who said that she had s a failure in surrogacy with some clinic named Lotus. And she was just so shattered. But she decided to switch clinic. And now she believes that everything is on track now.
    I hope that could be the case. You must look into this matter. Good Wishes.


    Well, many congratulations to you. You are such a nice person. I am so happy for you as well. Always take good care of yourself. Don’t worry about anything now. You have everything good now. It’s for the best.


    How great is this? I am so happy to watch this. It’s just great. I am so happy for you. You don’t have to worry about this. Always, try to take good care of yourself. You deserve to be happy. We all do.


    Oh! this post has made my day. You are really enjoying life. I’m really happy for you. Always be happy and take great care of yourself. There is nothing to worry about you. Surrogacy has benefited so many individuals including you. Wishing you all the best for the next time.

    Julia Christine

    Dear Trisha! Hope so you are doing good. After reading about your miscarriages I really become so sad. It’s the worst thing for a woman. No one can understand the grief of a woman who is going to be a mother soon. But don’t worry, it might be the part of life. I have also had a miscarriage once. But I think you should go for surrogacy. Through this, you would not need to be worried about the loss. I hope it will be fruitful for you


    Hello. These are really big losses. I cannot imagine how you manage to go through this. My dear, you should stand by your wife. And yeah as you tried for natural pregnancies, you should now go for surrogacy. Because it is a safe process. And it’s more reliable then Ivf. The final decision is yours. Before taking any decision to keep in mind all the pros and cons. Best of luck.

    Farah Smith

    Hey Sweetheart, Thank you so much for this thread. Am so happy for you. Surrogacy is indeed an amazing process. It will surely work and give you happiness. It’s OK if things didn’t work well. It is not the end. Good luck for future.


    I am really sad to read your post. I know how it kills. But the best thing is you moved on. Your doctor gave you a good advice. Instead of bearing this pain again and again. It is better to enjoy the advancements of science. God bless you.

    Sara Alston

    Hey Trisha. How are you doing now? This is really an extreme loss. I am really feeling sorry for your losses. This is really something which can never be forgotten. My dear doesn’t lose hope and go with the doctor opinion. As doctors know the best. I think a doctor will refer you to the thing which suits you. Dear stay strong. Wish you best of luck.

    Julia Christine

    Hey! I hope you will be fine. I felt so sad to know about your miscarriages. It’s really a painful thing for a mother. Such ups and downs are the part of life. I think you should diagnose the cause that is leading to the loss. Because it could be risky for you the next time. Instead, you can also avail the option of surrogacy. In this way, you would not need to be worried about the baby in your womb. Everything will be handled by the surrogate and the clinic. I hope it will be fruitful for you
    My sympathies


    I feel sorry for you, really. You don’t deserve this. I think you should consider other options now like IVF or surrogacy. Sometimes, one treatment doesn’t suit you but the other does. Stay positive and have patience. Good Luck!

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