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    Good agencies are child centered; they are more interested in finding homes for children than children for homes. Get referrals from friends or others that have adopted or have placed their child for adoption. Ask how long the attorney or agency has been working in adoption. Find out what services they provide before and after the adoption. Find out the full extent of your financial obligations and costs of adoption. If relevant, ask if the agency places minority or biracial children. Ask the adoption agency for a list of referrals. Determine if the adoption professional works with open or closed adoption and the attorney’s views and experience with both types. Inquire about the availability and credibility of counseling. Learn about the adoption plan, contract, and decrees. See what procedures are in place to determine the health and stability of the adoptive parents.

    Whitney Brown

    Yes! All this information is SUPER important and you need to make sure you’re very thorough, it’s always better to make sure you know everything you need/want to know before you decide on an agency!


    This is so good of you for sharing such information. I ma certain that there are people out there who would like to adopt. With such information it will be of great help. However people have different opinions on the same. Others would not like the idea that much. They feel like it is more of time wastage. I am trying not to be negative. I am jut sharing my thoughts. Like why I really do not prefer adoption. I am going through infertility., I do not have a child yet. But when I thought of trying adoption. The process was long and it discouraged me. I thought to myself severally. So this is not something that I am saying out of the blues. It is something that I have sat myself down and had a personal discussion. Of either going through the process. or just have another means of having a child. I do know that ARTs are expensive too. But it is worth the time.


    I used it for each of our four adoptions and it never let me down. This is the single most important decision you’ll make, so take the time to really nail it! Doing these steps gave me confidence and saved months if not years of time later on and it can do the same for you. It’s also fun, because you get to dream big and then narrow things down into a workable plan. Here’s a sample list to get you started: A specific religious orientation (or absence thereof). Responding to questions in a timely manner. People who have the highest integrity. Detail oriented/great at paperwork. Communicates well. Quick response time. People you personally click with, like and admire. The first step to choosing an adoption agency is to make yourself a good consumer. Gather as much information as possible about adoption, agencies, and state requirements. Explore the range of available options and the various programs. If your options seem limited, don’t rule out any possibility without thoroughly researching it. Spend at least two to three months investigating all alternatives before deciding what is right for you.


    I am sorry for her condition. I can feel her pain. A woman who is already suffering from infertility faced IVF failure. It is a big loss. I want you to be there at any cost. She needs you. I am also infertile. My age is 48. I could not conceive naturally. I had taken surrogacy process for my wish to accomplish. I am looking forward to your positive post ahead. Wish your friend the best of luck. I will definitely pray for her. God bless you both. Take care.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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