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    jennifer jonas

    Hello Akira! Hope you are doing well! Infertility is a curse! Everyone does not have the courage to bear it bravely! But you are a brave lady! I am happy you have achieved your goals! I think surrogacy is the best way to fulfill the dream of parenthood! It gives awareness to the people who are scared of it! you have taken the best decision! I am so happy for you!


    Hey! I hope you’re well. Infertility is such a sad reality. But it’s all for your best to keep your minds open to options. Surrogacy is a great such option. I have seen many people take on to it and change their lives. Youtube is filled with such beautiful stories. So inspiring. I think it’s time we stop shunning the procedure. However, I’m glad even now that so many good clinics exist for people who need it. Stay blessed!


    Hi Akira! Your story has many ups and downs. You had the support of your family and husband and this thing won’t tear you apart. If she has the support she has the all she needs. It’s great to hear about your twins through surrogacy. I hope you’ll have them very soon in your arms. Surrogacy brings the happiness in infertile couples life. Surrogate mothers are also great. Sacrificing your womb for some third person needs a lot of courage. When I had my baby son from surrogacy and that feeling was awesome and beyond the world. I also had developed the bond with the surrogate mother. As my clinic in Europe provides me with the bets surrogate mother. Still, I m in contact with her. As she did alot for me. Good luck. May you have all the happiness you ever wished for.


    Good to hear your emotional story! 🙂 IT is very touchy! But I also want to aware all the ladies out there. Who are especially looking for surrogacy options and searching for clinics. Ladies, please dont visit this clinic A****s. They are frauds. They are looting people with their skills. I also had my personal experience with them, they are the worst. So please take my this post into account very seriously. You are welcome in advance!


    Hey, thank you so much for sharing your experience. Infertility is not easy to deal with. And these procedures against it are amazing. WE’re doing what needs to be done. I was a victim of infertility too. I have suffered for years. We tried various methods of assisted reproduction. None of us worked for us. A friend of ours told us about this clinic in Europe for surrogacy. We went to them. And they dealt with us so nicely. Our procedure went great. We came back home happy with our daughter. She is an angel. Wish you very best of luck.


    Hey, Akira I hope you’re doing well. Congratulations to you! I hope everything goes well for you. I feel so happy for couples who have struggled for so long and are finally able to find peace. It will be amazing to hear your entire surrogacy journey. As I myself have been researching a lot about it.I’m suffering from Heart disease. Its like blood flowing in the improper direction. Due to this, I was declared an infertile. I was disheartened. But now I have my baby through surrogacy. I had faced a lot to reach this happiness. I hope everything goes well. Best of luck for a safe pregnancy as well. Stay blessed.


    Hello lady. I had the best experience with a clinic in Europe I went there because in an accident I got miscarriage I decided with my husband to go for surrogacy because I cannot conceive. This is extremely the worst thing. The clinic like Lotus and Adonis are the reason that patients are depressed and stressed nowadays. The decision is your dear, I suggest you should go to another clinic.


    Aww, twins? This is such a great news. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. This post will definitely give inspiration and motivation to all the woman suffering from infertility. I really appreciate your efforts. Cancer is really horrible. Hope you are doing better with it now. I’m glad that you chose surrogacy as many people get confused between adoption and surrogacy. We are not sure that the child will create the same bond after adoption than that of his biological parents. I advise everyone to choose surrogacy as it has a high success rate. Hope your surrogacy journey proves successful to you. All the best for your future.

    Amelia Char

    Hey there how are you? I hope you are doing fine. I am really sorry about your past. But I am glad that you didn’t give up. I am sure this is going to motivate most of the couples to choose a different option. I have seen many couples going after adoption. According to me, it is not a good choice, but everyone has their own opinions. There is one fact about surrogacy, a baby has some biological link with the parent. This even makes parents happier. So surrogacy is a better choice rather than selecting adoption. I am infertile and had my first surrogacy on this last Monday. I am feeling confident and hoping for the best. The clinic I have visited is located in Ukraine. They are really good at everything. Thanks and let me know if you want some extra information.


    I have been trying to TTC from last 10 year but i don’t have any luck with it.I went to many doctors for check up.They can’t tell why i’m unable to conceive.I don’t know the reason for my infertility.I tried many other methods like IUI and IVF but there was no luck with them too. So i gave up.Than a friend of mine told me about surrogacy.I found surrogacy to be a good solution to my problem.
    I have contacted some clinics about surrogacy.There are best clinics about surrogacy. The clinic with which i am in contact is a good clinic with good reputation and reviews. They told me we can have a baby via surrogacy. I will surely go for surrogacy soon. I am still looking for some unanswered questions in my mind regarding surrogacy.
    I have good vibes for surrogacy that i will have a baby from it. My husband is also very excited to start our journey and to have a baby.

    Kate Bruce

    Hello! Hope you are doing good. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Surrogacy is a blessing. It becomes the reason for the happiness of couples who are facing infertility. I am also one of them. Surrogacy changed my life. I was infertile. I was really depressed. I heard a lot of harsh words from my inlaws which makes me more depressed. I lost all my hopes when I came to know about a well-reputed clinic. They provide us with a surrogate mother. The surrogates mothers are kind they let us have our dream come true. I have a 3 years son now. I am really thankful to that clinic. I hope this would help others too.


    Such an emotional story. Yes, I have also read many bad reviews about these clinics. The worst thing is that we can’t do anything against but we can give awareness to people. That’s what you are doing right now. You are in so much pain but still, you warning others. Trust me you are an amazing person in my point of view. I know it’s really very hard for you too. I can feel your pain because I was infertile because of my miscarriages. I am a show to biz person so you can understand that how difficult for us to maintain our privacy. So I am still searching for the good clinic. If your husband finds a trustworthy place for your treatment then please inform me about that. I will be really thankful to you. I wish you to become a mother soon. Please pray for my happiness too.


    Dear, that’s really a great news. I will recommend it to my friend also. She was infertile. Then she decided to visit a worst clinic. She had seen many good reviews about it. It was all fake. They scammed her. They had taken all her money. They didn’t perform any good treatment on her. They even don’t have a good technology at their clinic. She was so sad after that. She lost all her hope. I was very worried about her. I will suggest to her this clinic. I hope it will work on her.

    Nathalie Hill

    Hey there. Thank you for sharing your story here with us. It is amazing to see you did not lose hope. This is just one part of the journey. I know it is easier said than done. Infertility is surely a huge problem for all of us. Some of us are lucky to get it diagnosed on time and know what the issue is. Others not that much. You should stay strong and look forward to your journey. I know it can get tiring at times. But that’s how life is. I hope your surrogacy is successful and you have your wonderful babies soon. You are so lucky to find a good clinic and an amazing surrogate. I have heard great things about this place. I am sure everything will turn out great. Best of luck and stay positive.

    Dakota Quinn

    Surrogacy is a blessing. That is what it is. A blessing for all those who cannot conceive naturally, infertile couples, gay men and women, and single men and women. Everyone wants to have a child. It is a dream for so many. No one should have to give up on it. That being said. I am so happy for you. Congratulations on your surrogate getting pregnant. This is such a wonderful post. It has made me hopeful. Maybe we would have twins too. We have not started our journey yet. Byt we have selected this amazing clinic in Europe. I have heard amazing things about it. Hope it works.

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