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    You are absolutely right. Being a surrogate is a noble act. Just one thing. Just don’t change your mind at the end of time. I mean IP’s get attached with the baby too. They tie hopes to it. Just don’t run away with the baby at the end time. I was reading about a case that happened at this clinic Lotus. The surrogate ran with the baby. It was so heartbreaking.


    Huff!!! Infertility the biggest hard reality of the world. It is the biggest pain for anyone to be bear. I can understand the pain of being infertile. It is much harder to listen than to be infertile. Every couple wants to fulfil the parental needs. It is the human phenomenon to have a completely happy life. Ukrainian clinics are prominent in this regard. These clinics are providing great assistance. I also have a baby through surrogacy. I’ve had 2 miscarriages myself. They were heart-wrenching. After which my body had been so weak that I wasn’t even able to start trying again. I had almost given up. I ask my Hubby and he agreed to it. Then I have decided to go for surrogacy. I have a baby now through surrogacy. But let me tell you one thing that chooses the best clinic for your fertility treatment. I faced many because of choosing the wrong clinic first, named Adonis in Ukraine. They didn’t guide us properly. The management was so poor. I was totally disheart. Later I went to another clinic. and blessed with the baby. I wish you all the best in this regard. Baby dust to you. I wish you all the best. Good luck


    It’s good to see your past. Finally, you are getting what you desired of. You are lucky that you are blessed. I have seen many people living life without a child. They look so sad always. Because they don’t find their happiness. But still, they have a strong belief in their God. That one day they will be blessed also. Like recently a 70 years old had a baby boy. That was so unexpected to have such child at this age. The happiness on her face was unique. To have a child in your arms is a different feeling. I wish everyone have this sort of happiness. Till then a very good luck.

    Julia Christine

    Hello! Julie here. How are you? I just read your post. I’m very pleased to know that finally, you successfully transferred the embryo. It’s really a surprising moment for every mother who is going through days of struggle. I can understand the difficulties a woman faces while dealing with all of these situations. I have also been through the process of IVF. I was unable to conceive due to this disease. I was not expecting that this could happen to me. But after a lot of success, I became pregnant. Now I have a beautiful baby girl. So, simply, difficulties in life makes the destination beautiful.


    Hey Milan. How are you now? Going through all this is definitely not an easy thing to do. I really congratulate you on this. You guys really deserve to be parents and you will soon. And yeah dear try to take a regular diet prescribed by a doctor. One of my friends did not have a proper diet which results in her in miscarriage later. So I will really suggest you to not to compromise on your diet. All I can do is hope. And I hope that everything went well for you. Wish you best of luck.


    Hi. Congratulations, may everything goes right in your way. Motherhood is really a blessing. Life is so beautiful when you have babies. No happiness is greater than being a mother. I had a baby through surrogacy. And I love her a lot. She is my life. Thanks to surrogacy.

    Anika louis

    Hey. I am so happy to hear your success story. I am so happy for you. I was an infertile lady. I felt that I can’t be a mother ever. In any case, I never realized that something better is waiting for me. Today I am a blessed mother. I have a child through surrogacy. I am so happy to have her. I trust each couple would be honored by such an astounding gift.

    Sara Alston

    Hey Milan. How are you doing? Hope so everything is going fine. I am really feeling very happy for you. Indeed where there is will there is a way. I suggest you take good care of your health now. Indeed IVF is a blessing for the infertile couples. It has changed the lives of many couples. IVF is not becoming successful. Although its success chances are low. But we should not lose hope and keep trying. As in your case you just tried and tried again. Anf here are the final results. I hope so everything goes well and you have your own baby soon. Wish you best of luck.


    I’m glad to see you here. You’re doing fine, you’re trying to get out of this situation somehow. This is probably an unexplained condition. You just keep yourself in hand. Our diseases are all nerves. So just do not make yourself nervous again. Many people lose their lives. It is important at the right time to gather your thoughts and not become dehydrated. It’s important to be strong. Now the medicine is developed very well. The procedure of IVF is progressing every day. I think that you have every chance of having a child. What do you have on the financial side? Is everything okay? Because the IVF procedure requires a lot of money, nerves, strength. As far as I know, the procedure is not very simple. But many people managed to achieve a high result. The main thing is to believe and hope. And of course, choose a good clinic. And now there are many clinics that are not capable of curing a person. Doctors take with him only money and everything. Then they do not explain why the procedure did not come out completely. And now a lot of hurling. It is necessary to be treated only in the proven reproductive centers. Now there is a lot of deceit. He’s just around. And it’s terrible really. I hope that you will succeed.


    Hey there how are you? Hope you are fine. Thanks for posting here. I hope you will get good pieces of words from women out here. I love to see women sharing their success stories with others. Its really help and motivate many infertile women. It really makes me happy to read such posts. There are people like you who don’t give up no matter what. People like you are the source of encouragement. Life tests us in many ways. It puts us in difficult situations. I wish everything is alright with you. You don’t need to think much about this now. Try to take good care of yourself. Everything will be alright for you.


    Hey Milan ! how are you feeling now?
    To be honest! after I read your post I was so much amazed at how amazingly and positively you have faced this entire journey. I am even more glad that there is some light of hope now. Trust me to stop over-thinking. It is going to stay and you will be a mother soon. Just make sure to have proper check-ups. I am also trying to conceive for a period of 7 years. And I have recently found an amazing clinic in Europe. That clinic I magical their treatments are just up to the mark. If you want yourself to not face any other disappointment and be a successful candidate then you are ought to travel and visit this clinic in Europe.
    Moreover, you are 100% correct when you have mentioned that we need not give our hopes up.
    I hope that my post is going to be helpful to you. Take care and Keep smiling!


    Hey dear, hope you feel good now. It is really good that you finally succeed. It was your efforts that make it possible. The only thing is that one should not lose hope. My friend is considering a clinic for my infertility issue. she is very positive about it. I just hope that she will succeed. I just hope that everything goes successfully with her. My best wishes to you.


    well well. I have been scrolling through these forums for a long time and have never found such a positive and successful story. You seem so self-assured and positive that it clearly gives a message to all the women out there to never lose hope when they find themselves lost in darkness and despair. Remember that it is only in the black of the night that we see the stars. You have been through so much yet you survived. You are living and an example for those who are powerless and feeble. From fighting PCOS to going through so many painful procedures, you have endured everything so far with great courage. Kudos to you and you’re braver. Stay happy!


    Well yeah, this is the problem. It could happen to anyone. You know what is the greatest thing. You suffered a lot but you are succeeded. This is what life is all about. We have to face to get success. Just do it always. I am happy for you.


    Many congratulations to you. It’s all for the best. You know you suffered a lot. You got success after that. This is all for the best. You should have to take good care of yourself.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 61 total)
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