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    Hi. Hope you’re all good. I’m24 years old. When i’m suffering from infertility and surrogacy. Then the doctors tell me that, there is no good clinic that can treat you very well. Now, i search alot of different clinic’s but i couldn’t find so. But, my friends suggest me the A****s clinic. That is near to my home. When, i visit this clinic. Their appartments are so dirty. They cannot wash or clean it. Their nurses are look so dirty. They cannot look on her. Their are so conjusted rooms, that some patients will slept in one room. Their doctors are so uneducated, they’ll give same medicine’s to all patients. This is so dangerous.

    Nelly Kom

    Hi there, Alina. I’m very well and I hope you’re in good health as well. I’m very sorry to read about your infertility, dear. Surrogacy is the best solution for you. I’m glad you chose surrogacy. I’m sorry to read about your experience with this clinic. I know the clinic you’re talking about. I’ve read and heard many negative reviews about them. Why would your friend even suggest to you that? You should do your own research. God forbid anything could’ve happened. You yourself have to take care of these things, dear. Research the clinics which have high success rates and guarantee your success. There are great clinics in Ukraine. I hope you find a good one soon. All the best!

    Jessica fields

    This is very dangerous. I can’t believe this. How can they practice like this? This is getting out of hands now. I thought they were just not replying to emails. I am so sorry you had to see this. Now obviously you will be looking for another clinic. There is one near to the one you went to. Though it is totally opposite. People all over the world adore this one clinic in Europe. They have had an amazing experience with it. They say the staff there is very professional. They are very polite. The doctors are trained well and professional as well. What else do you need? I think you should go there.


    Hey Alina. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing fine now. I am really feeling very sorry for your bad experience. The things you go through are really unbearable. All my sympathies are with you. But dear, you should not lose hope. Bad things came your way when you are going for a good thing. Try another clinic there are also some good clinics there. Wish you the best of luck.

    Martina John

    Hey Alina! Hope so you will be fine. I just read your post/ You are absolutely right. They are looting people in this field. I also heard so many bad reviews about them. But don’t lose hope. I think you should consult some other clinic. There is a clinic in Europe that are specialized for such treatments. Even I had adopted surrogacy from there. They provide quality treatment at low cost. You should consult them. I hope you will be satisfied with their facilities.
    My sympathies

    Sara Alston

    Hello Alina. I read your thread. This is really very painful. I can’t imagine how much this could be heartbreaking to you. All my sympathies are with you. Good clinics and bad clinic are everywhere. But it is the responsibility of yours to find a good clinic. This is totally unfortunate. You should avoid such clinics from now. Clinic in Eastern Europe where I had a surrogacy is very good in treatment. I think you should look into it. Wish you the best of luck.

    Mrs Mcguill

    Sorry to hear about your experience. It must be really frustrating. They should be ashamed of themselves. Why do they waste the time of clients? When they do not have the proper facilities. I have heard many negative things about them. Including their nonprofessional behavior. They do not reply on time. They are not kind towards their clients. They do not seem to care about their reputation. This is terrible. I think it will be better if they realize this. The forums are filled with negative views about them. I suggest that you look at other clinics. There are better clinics. But some research is always needed.


    When it comes to choosing a fertility clinic to carry out a surrogacy process, one should check if they have their own laboratory, and the fertility treatments they use. Oftentimes, intended parents see almost no difference between clinics, but the truth is that each one follows different protocols and uses a varied range of techniques. A medical facility must have been recognized as such, and you have the right to ask them for the accreditation they posses. This will guarantee that their facilities meet the quality standards required. Getting information about audits and certificates of quality is important as well. The renown and prestige of the doctor is important, but one should not forget that a surrogacy arrangement requires teamwork to succeed. Aside from the doctor, as an intended parent you will be in touch with lab, nursing, and administration staff. For this reason, close communication and trust are key.


    There are many good clinics in Ukraine surrogacy which are best in their own. The rates of these procedures in Ukraine are less than other countries offering the same procedures. I guess surrogacy is the only solution to your problem. A friend has now suggested me to search for some international clinics that do not reside in our country. You should also visit a surrogacy related clinic. I have recently found one situated in Ukraine. They have quite a costless package with all the facilities. I have had many treatments from many experts but they never turn out to work out for me the way I hope them to. I have tried IUI and IVF but they failed for me many many times. People have now told me about surrogacy and I am really thinking about going for it. I just need some guidelines as surrogacy is illegal in the state where I live and I am very scared. I just need to complete my life and my family before it is too late for me even to try. I think you should give it a try too because in my view it is quite a suitable procedure for women of our age. I have pregnancy issue and complications from the past 10 years and I still am childless as I have always been. There must be some way to carry out everything legally, right? It is very difficult at times to handle the loneliness and the depression but there are always friends and family to make me feel better.


    Good day! How’s it hanging with you? Expectation you are alright. I feel frustrated about what you had experienced. I likewise had an awful involvement with this A****s centre. Their mentality toward clients is extremely untrustworthy. I likewise messaged them my reports and asked the data identifying with their system of treatment and approaches. I messaged them commonly. Be that as it may, didn’t get a reaction yet. I sat tight for 2 months. Presently I tired of the things. It is extremely the most exceedingly terrible involvement with this centre. I prescribe other individuals to be careful from trickster like this. Pick dependably a correct facility. All the best.

    Joanne Silvia

    Honey, that’s horrible. I’m so sorry you had to go through this. It must have been really hard. I hope things get better for you. I’m sure you’ll find a good clinic. Don’t lose hope, alright? My prayers are with you.

    Lauren Rhoades

    Hey, there. This is awful. I felt so sad after reading this. I’m so sorry you had to go through this. It must have been so hard. I can relate, though. I had a terrible experience. It broke me down! It was the worst time of my life. These clinics are honestly pathetic. Nobody deserves this kind of treatment. How can they still be functional? It’s beyond me, honestly. There should be some authority which deals with it! They should be banned!

    Chloe Mag

    Hello Alina, I am disappointed to hear about the condition of A****s clinic and i feel sorry that you had to go through that. Normally clinics are not that bad but i think this one is an exception. I dont know how anyone can recommend them if the condition is so bad. I mean the least they can do is provide hygienic and clean environment. The rest is another matter. I realized they have got high ratings but i think its all a sham if what you say is true. With the modern means of communication and technologies it has become difficult to deceive people and all we need to do is to spread awareness so that they could avoid any bad experience. I cant believe anyone would like to visit them after you painted so horrific picture of them. I wish authorities take notice of the and devise a standard plan for the fertility clinics.


    Hi there, IVF is a costly procedure and can take up a lot of your personal time. It can be stressful too in some conditions. I don’t have a personal experience but my cousin has been through this procedure. It worked for her on the third attempt. First two were failed attempts. But it is different for different people. Also depends on the clinic you chose. There is a clinic with a high success rate. I have recently found about them. Do your research and if it is suitable to do approach them.


    I was looking for a god clinic for surrogacy. I came across A***S clinic. The clinic had many services for infertility. I mailed the clinic for my treatment. The clinic didn’t responded. Such clinics are damaging the reputation of good clinics as well. These clinics should not be allowed to make fool out of people by keeping them in waiting. I will now contact a good clinic for surrogacy treatment.

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