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    All of the services that are traditionally provided to the parties in an agency adoption can also be provided in an independent adoption. For example, medical and social histories are obtained not only by the adoptive parents themselves, but also by the attorney representing the birth parents. The histories are then preserved by the adoptive parents and their attorney. Psychological counseling is also available to the birth and adoptive parents and is generally recommended by the attorneys handling independent adoptions. Homestudies are required in all states. Your attorney can refer you to qualified homestudy providers and counselors experienced in adoption issues. In independent adoptions, it is common for the adoptive parents to be present at the hospital, even at the time of birth. In addition, the adoptive parents typically can help care for the child in the hospital. It is also common for the child to be discharged from the hospital directly to the physical care of the adoptive parents.


    I have not bee through adoption. But going through your posts. I have noticed that you have mentioned attorney so much. Nearly in all your adoption posts. It is good that you are highlighting us of the process. But I would like to know more iof the attorney role. How do they participate in the process. Like why are they inclusive yet there are lawyers. Or is adoption one of their jobs. What about the court rules. I am not so good at law staffs so I really need to be fed good information. I believe I am also asking for other people. Lately there has been increase in the number if people who are going for adoption. So personally I am thankful for the effort you have kept in this sector., I believe it will help others too. But my plea is that give us more light concerning the attorneys work related to adoption. How can I get one or where are they found.


    In a typical independent adoption, the prospective parents take an active role in identifying a birth mother, usually by networking, advertising, or by using the Internet. Another difference between independent and agency adoption is the method by which the birth parents give their consent to adoption. In an agency adoption, the birth parents relinquish their parental rights to an agency, and the agency, in turn, consents to an adoption by specific adoptive parents. In independent adoption. Many adoptive parents are reassured by knowing the birth parents personally and dealing with them directly, instead of being afraid that their adoption may fall apart before it is completed. Rather than relying on an agency as a go-between, the birth parent and adoptive parents can meet, get to know each other, and decide for themselves whether to go ahead with the adoption.


    Tifanny thank you so much for sharing this info with us. I was totally unaware of it. I am not in favor of adoption. It thinks after growing up they returned back to their real parents. They don’t bother who bring them up. They said they love them because of blood relation. They leave us when we need them. that’s so sad fact of reality.


    Yes, It’s a great information. I was really fond of it. Thanks for sharing. You should have to take good care of yourself. Everything is going to be alright with it. I hope we all take care of this.


    Thanks for sharing. It’s a great information. It’ll be alright. You should take good care of yourself. Thanks for everything. You did a great thing. Thanks for it.


    You should find a good clinic for surrogacy. I know it is tough but doing so will ease your many problems. Lotus and Ardenois are two clinics that are highly not recommended. You should make your life easy. Go for surrogacy. This will help you a lot. I wish you all the best for your future.


    This was definitely interesting. It’s cleared up a lot of confusion. I think adoption is a great procedure to get your child through. I think if one feels more comfortable with having his own biologically connected child then surrogacy is a great option. It costs just about the same as adoption. Both of these methods have changed life for the better. Good luck to anyone going through this stage in life!


    A desperate parent is always trying to find a good solution. Those who don’t want to get treated by the scientific ways prefer adoption. The same preference is there for anyone whose all efforts of getting pregnant have failed. The post has a comprehensive information for all such couples. Adoption is a popular way to deal with infertility. Before the scientific approach was there people used the adoption to become parents. It is an easy way to become happy parents.


    Such a great piece of information was that. There was the need of sharing such experience. Thank you so much for sharing such inspirational post. You’d be careful about yourself dear. Everything will be fine soon. Sending baby dust to you!

    Jessica fields

    I guess the same goes for the traditional surrogacy. This was informative anyhow. It is important to discuss laws related to surrogacy and adoption. It is not common knowledge. I am gonna make a video on this issue too. Thank you for giving me an idea though. Loads of love for you.


    Hi there, hope you will be fine. Thanks for highlighting this process. Most of the people are not aware. Yet they want to go for adoption. This will be helpful for them. Why don’t you go for surrogacy? Because maybe when they grow up they go to their real parents. Because they have blood relation. Wishing you best of luck.


    Hey Tiffany. how are you doing? Hope so you are doing good. Well, dear, you are right that adoption is also a fine way to have a baby. But dear, nowadays people are now focusing on other options for having a baby. I mean what is better than that having your own biological children. So, dear, you should look at some infertility treatment like surrogacy and IVF.


    It’s great that you are highlighting the process. I didn’t have any adoption experience. Your post contains all details about adoption. Thanks for sharing it on this forum. It will be very helpful for the people who are adopting for the first time. You have started a great initiative. keep it up

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